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Definitive Guide to Hemp & CBD Edibles

When most people think about CBD edibles, often the first thing that springs to mind is that legendary batch of hash cakes that someone baked in their teenage years. Although you probably got a good dose of CBD – and THC to boot – this isn’t quite the effect that most people want from their […]

Definitive Guide To CBD For Diabetes

CBD is one of the most versatile medicines that has been discovered in recent years. It’s been used to treat a wide range of ailments ranging from chronic pain to irritable bowel syndrome to Crohn’s disease.   Recent research has begun to delve into the use of CBD for diabetes. According to the Center for […]

Definitive Guide to CBD for Dogs

Definitive Guide to CBD for Dogs For over 5,000 years, humans and other animals have been using hemp as a medicine for a wide range of symptoms and conditions. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a vital factor in hemp that plays a massive role in hemp’s overall medicinal properties. With the passing of the 2018 Farm […]

Guide To CBD For Sleep And Insomnia

Definitive Guide to CBD for Sleep & Insomnia Hemp has been used as a medicine for a variety of symptoms and medical conditions for thousands of years, though much of humanity has been barred off from the plant since cannabis prohibition in the 1930’s. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, however, the United States is […]

Definitive Guide to CBD for Cats

Relaxed laws around medical and recreational marijuana have launched a wave of research in to the health benefits of this magical plant. You’ve probably read about how CBD alleviates stress, helps sleep, and treats pain in humans, but did you know it can do the same for your pets?   The veterinary community is starting […]

CBD For Anxiety

CBD & Hemp For Anxiety Belonging to the Rose Order (Rosales), Cannabaceae is a family of flowering plants that includes more 270 different species. Other botanically related plants in the Rosales family include apples, pears, plums, blackberries, and hops. This vast array of aromatic plants has been grouped into 11 different genres. One of these […]

Guide To Hemp & CBD For Depression

Struggling with depression and trying to find a medication that won’t leave you feeling lethargic or hungover? Tired of the struggle of trying to pretend you feel better? Are you weary of making excuses to others for how you’re feeling? Depression is a serious mental health condition that is associated with morbidity and mortality. It […]

The Definitive Guide to CBD for Acne

Check Out Our Top 10 CBD Creams For Acne Here CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is emerging as a top-performer amongst natural healthcare. From it’s calming benefits for mental health and sleep benefits to it’s anti-inflammatory and acne-fighting properties, the advantages of CBD seem endless. It’s almost unavoidable, which is why you’re finally looking to […]