Top 8 Best CBD Oils for Pain Relief

As the CBD market grows with popularity each day, new and exciting CBD products are released that test the limits of CBD’s efficacy and potency. Many of these products are geared towards pain relief, since CBD has been shown through various studies to provide relief to various types of pain.

Whether chronic pain or an injury, CBD oils can help with pain relief to some degree. While not a miracle drug, cannabidiol can work in tangent with other medications or to dull the pain depending on the type and severity.

Since CBD works as an anti-inflammatory, as well, it doubles the efficacy of its pain-relieving qualities. Today, we’re going to dive into the best CBD oils for pain relief on the market and why they could be effective for you.

If you’ve been asking yourself, “Is CBD oil the right treatment alternative for my pain?” then get ready, because this guide is packed with the answers. Let’s jump into our definitive guide for the best CBD oils for pain relief so you can see which hemp extracted oil reigns supreme.

PreviewProduct NameRatingPrice

CultiVax Hemp Oil Herbal Drops Ultra Premium Hemp Extract

Beyond Bliss Hemp Oil Drops for Pain and Joint Support

Hemp Pharm Ultra Premium Hemp Oil for Pain Relief

DrBotanic Nutrition Hemp Oil Hemp Extract with Terpenes for Pain

Nature’s Beneficials Organic Hemp Oil Extract Drops

House of Healing Pure Hemp Oil for Anxiety Relief

Wellgrade est.2017 Hemp Oil for Pain and Anxiety Relief

Hemp Wish Hemp Oil for Pain Relief

1. CultiVax Hemp Oil Herbal Drops Ultra Premium Hemp Extract

A 100% natural, 7500mg hemp oil for pain relief, the hemp oil from CultiVax is also geared towards promoting better sleep and stimulating intense relaxation. A pure extract that’s vegan friendly as well as paleo-friendly, this is a perfect addition to add to your daily routine for better health.


  • Works better the more consistently you take it and helps promote better sleep as well as less pain
  • Take at the same time every evening for a week and pay attention to your pain levels as well as your quality of sleep, then keep taking it!
  • Relaxing sensation works slowly over time instead of hitting you all at once


  • This specific hemp oil doesn’t seem to have the best taste – if taste is a big issue for you, these may not be the herbal drops for you
  • Same with the taste, the herbal drops don’t smell very good either

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2. Beyond Bliss Hemp Oil Drops for Pain and Joint Support

Proudly made in the USA, Beyond Bliss provides hemp oil drops that are ideal for joint support as well as relevant types of pain. An anxiety and stress relief supplement, this bottle contains 650mg, or 8.7mg of pure hemp extract per drop.

It’s recommended that you take this hemp oil three times daily to optimize results and enhance efficacy of the product.


  • Proprietary potent hemp seed oil contains a unique but effective formula for suppressing anxiety, stimulating relaxation, and promoting pain relief throughout the body
  • Boosts heart health, promotes pain relief, assists with anxiety maintenance, and influences skin regeneration from the inside out
  • Packed with Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids


  • Oil extracted from the hemp seed and aerial parts instead of the hemp plant itself
  • Low milligram count in comparison to most other oils on our list means this won’t be as effective for those with severe or chronic pain

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3. Hemp Pharm Ultra Premium Hemp Oil for Pain Relief

A Colorado-based company, you can feel confident in the fact that the Hemp Pharm brand is integrated into their products from seed to sell. Not only is everything organically grown, but it’s all packed, processed, and shipped from their local facility in Colorado.

Before the products are advertised for customers, every batch is tested for quality, required to maintain regulatory compliance, and passes the strict standards of safety they have in place.

This ensures the hemp is tested for and free of pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and microbials. For a cleaner hemp oil, their 5,000mg bottle is intensely potent.


  • With a potent 5,000mg bottle, each serving, or dose, is approximately 166mg
  • Good for pain and sleep, but some also report it helping with anxiety and weight loss
  • Rich in MCT fatty acids, which helps brain health and more efficient brain function


  • Limited flavor choice leaves something to be desired for those that don’t quite enjoy the taste of peppermint
  • Powerful dose means those with low tolerance may not want to try a full serving the first time you try this oil

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4. DrBotanic Nutrition Hemp Oil Hemp Extract with Terpenes for Pain

At only 500mg, we didn’t expect the hemp oil from DrBotanic Nutrition to be as effective as it turned out to be.

Not only did it provide pain relief, but it also stimulated sleep when taken in the evening, reduced inflammation, and gave us an energy boost we weren’t anticipating when we took it the next morning! Depending on when you take it, it can provide different effects.


  • Sublingual dosing (under the tongue) for less than a minute can allow enough hemp to absorb into your bloodstream to start feeling the effects immediately
  • Some believe it’s a viable alternative to narcotics and heavy painkillers
  • Great for headaches or chronic migraines


  • 30ml bottle contains only 500mg of hemp oil
  • Hemp flavor includes no flavor additives, so you get a pure plant taste – something not everyone is accustomed to or particularly enjoys

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5. Nature’s Beneficials Organic Hemp Oil Extract Drops

A THC-free hemp alternative oil, the 1,000mg bottle from Nature’s Beneficials contains a potent supply of hemp oil in a cool mint flavor. This brand’s premium hemp oil is CO2 extracted from the highest-quality hemp available in the states.

Produced under stringent quality guidelines and tested through third-party companies, Nature’s Beneficials provided a strong-acting and strong-tasting hemp oil that provided the effects we were looking for.


  • Packed with Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids for heart and brain health
  • THC-free, GMO-free, 100% organic hemp oil extract drops provide relief from pain and inflammation
  • Also improves joint support, reducing joint pain and acting as a sleep aid to make it easier to go to sleep and stay asleep


  • While each dose is strong and effective, it didn’t seem to last as long as some of the higher strength hemp oils we tried
  • Mint flavor may not be favored by everyone, so possibly look towards a different product on the list if you dislike mint flavors

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6. House of Healing Pure Hemp Oil for Anxiety Relief

Packed with 10,000mg of hemp oil, this liquid dietary supplement is ideal for joint pain, inflammation, improving mood, promoting better sleep, and much more. A THC-free oil, you’re guarantee pure hemp with every drop.


  • 10,000mg bottle means the House of Healing hemp oil is effective for relieving anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, and many other severe symptoms that one might experience daily
  • 4-ounce or 120ml bottle means a longer-lasting supply – most bottles are no more than 1-ounce, or 30ml.
  • Loaded with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids


  • As it contains 10,000mg of hemp oil in the 4-ounce bottle, this wouldn’t be recommended for users who have a lower tolerance to CBD or hemp
  • Peppermint flavor feels limited and overplayed – hopefully they offer more variety in the future!

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7. Wellgrade est.2017 Hemp Oil for Pain and Anxiety Relief

Promote comfort and calm in a fresh and fast way with the hemp oil for pain and anxiety relief from Wellgrade est.2017. The brand provides therapeutic-grade hemp extract in a 2-ounce (60ml) bottle for a long-lasting medicine.


  • Therapeutic-grade hemp extract contains 5,000mg of hemp oil per bottle
  • Wellgrade chooses exclusively selected, fresh hemp for their therapeutic and efficient products
  • Fast shipping with every order


  • Potent at 5,000mg, this may not be the best hemp oil to use for first-timers or beginners
  • Not as long-lasting as some of the other hemp oils on the list

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8. Hemp Wish Hemp Oil for Pain Relief

The 10,000mg new formula of hemp oil from Hemp Wish packs a punch for areas of pain, inflammation, and other symptoms across the body. An oral supplement, you can feel the effects almost immediately if you dose under the tongue.

At 10,000mg, we were excited to see just how potent this hemp oil would be – and we are pleasantly satisfied with how potent it is. Locally produced in Colorado fields, this hemp oil is rich in vitamins and minerals to make it even better for consumption.


  • Our #1 pick for hemp oil, the Hemp Wish hemp oil for pain relief is packed with Omega-3, -6, and -9, as well as vitamin B and E
  • It’s a dietary supplement that can relieve pain, reduce anxiety and stress, promote weight loss, and so much more
  • Efficient stress relief supplement, especially helpful with reducing muscle soreness and recovery time between workouts


  • 10,000mg of pure hemp oil, not pure CBD
  • Potency may be too much for first-time users; take a half-dose to start if you’re not familiar to hemp or CBD products

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To summarize, while we the Hemp Wish Hemp Oil for Pain Relief ended up on top of our list, that may not be the ideal hemp oil for everyone.

This reason is why we provided a well-researched list of 8 of the best CBD oils for pain relief so that you have room to pick and choose which one feels right for you. Everyone is different, but almost everyone can benefit from what CBD products have to offer.

Which product on our list have you tried so far? Were any of these hemp oils as effective for you as they were for us?