Best Hemp Flowers 2020 – Yes You Can Smoke Hemp Buds

Best Hemp Flowers 2020 – Quality Hemp Buds

Hemp Buds and CBD Flowers are exploding in popularity all around the world and none more so than right here in the United States. Ever since the Farm bill was passed in 2018 by president Trump, any cannabis sativa plant containing less than .3% thc became legal and classified as industrial hemp, the market has continued to rise and this looks set to continue well into the future.

In this time, smoking Hemp buds has continued to grow and become a huge market in the US and Europe. Plenty of hemp farms and companies have been moving fast to take advantage of the opportunity. The chief editor of Great Hemp USA happens to be a big Hemp Flowers fan. If you want to enjoy the feeling and rituals of smoking marijuana with the high replaced with solid medical benefits that will make you feel razor focused, calm and relaxed while easing any pain and anxiety you are feeling, sit back and enjoy our best Hemp Flowers on the market in 2019.



Industrial Hemp Farms

Industrial Hemp Farms 2

The leaders in the Hemp Flowers and CBD Buds market here in the USA. Industrial Hemp Produce a wide variety of strains of industrial hemp that will give you the taste, smell and texture of regular marijuana without the high. These hemp buds are perfect for cutting down on weed or even to replace cigarettes and quit smoking. Colorado, where the hemp is grown is synonymous with producing the best hemp in the United States are there is no exception here.


The pricing starts from $4 per gram with same day shipping to all 50 states. They also offer wholesale options and reduced pricing for buying in bulk. All Flowers come with thorough batch testing readily available on site and under .3% Delta9 THC. We were very impressed with the quality and feel of the buds which are just like the real thing. They also offer clones, seeds, pre rolled joints and even biomass to make your own oil and cbd products. We recommend the Indoor Hulk CBD buds which boast an impressive 16% CBD.


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Secret Nature Artisan Hemp Buds and CBD Flowers


Next on our list and a close second is Secret Nature Artisan Hemp Flowers. Secret Nature offer flowers, vapes and pre rolls and while they are a little bit more expensive, they also offer higher CBD concentrations. Thorough lab testing comes with every batch and always contain less than .3% THC.

If you are looking for quality hemp buds that are just like the real thing without the high. These hemp buds have quality terpenes, cannabinoid and flavonoid profiles and come with the Entourage effect for maximum health benefits. You can expect to feel relaxed and calm and while the effects are mild you will also get improved focus and concentration along with pain relief and a reduction in anxiety.

Secret Nature offer fast shipping to any of the 50 states and you should have your product within 2-3 days. We found the Sour Gummy Hemp flowers to be great quality and effective.


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