Best Hemp Oil For Dogs On Amazon

Hemp Oil For Dogs

These days, taking care of a pet is more and more like taking care of a member of the family. That’s because our beloved canines are family members. So it’s no surprise that CBD oil has become a viable option for treating various ailments that pets (and humans) face.

CBD oil has become very common for treating things from nervousness to pain caused by hip dysplasia for dogs. This is because there are cannabinoid receptors in a dog’s (just like a human’s) nervous systems that react positively when stimulated by an outside cannabinoid source.

The benefits of treating certain canine ailments with CBD have been well-documented and proven – it can improve their temperament, ease inflammation in arthritic joints, improve appetite and more. This all sounds great but you shouldn’t just pick any old CBD oil off the shelf.

There are some very important factors to consider before giving your dog any CBD product. For instance, many pet owners give their dogs CBD from their own supply but giving a dog a CBD product that was intended for humans can be very dangerous.

Some CBD products that were made for human consumption is actually psychoactive and if you give these kinds of CBD oils to your dog, the results could be disastrous. The fact is that not all CBD oils for pets (or for humans) are created equal.

It is important to be able to discern the difference between an appropriate CBD oil for your pet and one that could be harmful or simply not of the best quality.

In the following list we will outline some of the best CBD oil products for pet that we have found in our research – and they’re conveniently available on Amazon too!

1. Busters Hemp Oil 30,000mg for Pets

We start with an amply potent CBD oil that also contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 (sourced from fish). Busters hemp oil is grown organically in the United States and it has received very favorable reviews from customers.

This full spectrum CBD oil can be used for cats, dogs and other animals of the same general size. It is rich in nutrients like flavonoids and trace minerals and is ideal for easing inflammation of the joints and for wound healing.


  • Great multi-use CBD oil
  • Compliant with a vegetarian diet
  • GMO Free


  • May not be especially effective for anxiety
  • Has a slight fishy odor to it

2. Billion Pets 5000mg Hemp Oil for Dogs

The next entry in our list features oil extracted from hemp that was grown organically in Colorado and contains vitamins A, D and E. You can add Billion Pets hemp oil to your dog’s food, treats, orally or as a topical treatment.

It is suggested that dogs under 20lbs get an eighth of a dropper per day, dogs over 50lbs get half a dropper per day, dogs 21 to 49lbs get a quarter dropper per day and adult cats also get an eighth of a dropper per day.


  • Can be used for anxiety
  • Compliant with a vegan diet
  • Assists with seizure control


  • Dogs may not like the taste
  • Application can be a bit tricky

3. R+R Medicinals 500mg Hemp Oil for Dogs

Next we have R+R Medicinals which like our last entry, grows its hemp in Colorado. There is one fluid ounce of the oil per bottle, it is grown organically and it contains 8 grams of calories from fat.

This oil also uses the CO2 method of extraction which is widely believed to be the best extraction method currently practiced. It is advised to give a dog of 25lbs and under 10 drops, 26 to 50lbs 11-20 drops and dogs of 51 to 100lbs 21-40 drops (daily).


  • Legal for ownership in all 50 states
  • Third party tested
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • Relatively low concentration of CBD
  • Could take many days of consistent use to take effect

4. METACYL Hemp Oil for Dogs 2000mg

Metacyl makes their hemp oil organically for both cats and dogs. Their hemp is grown in the U.S. and they have added omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids in their formula for good measure. Metacyl Hemp Oil is also an organic product.

Some of the uses of this particular hemp oil product include post-surgery recovery (swelling, redness and pain), digestive assistance and to benefit the mobility of older dogs.


  • This product is grown without pesticides
  • Has a pleasant odor dogs seem to like
  • Can be used to ward off ticks


  • Recommended dosages are multiple times a day
  • Should be administered with a meal

5. Animalest Hemp oil for Dogs 1250mg

This hemp oil has been rated extremely well by customers and it features full-spectrum CBD for maximum effect. Animalest makes their products in Denver, CO although they do not outright disclose whether or not that is also where their hemp is grown.

At any rate this product has worked well for anxiety relief. If you need to get your pet crated for a trip to the vet or the groomer, this may be the right hemp oil product for you.


  • Can be helpful for making your pet’s behavior more relaxed
  • Also good for joint pain
  • Works to alleviate nervousness


  • Could use more info on the company
  • No word on the extraction process used

6. Hemp Heals Hemp Oil For Dogs

Hemp Heals enters our list with a full-spectrum hemp oil that does not produce any unwanted side-effects. Like many of the products on our list, Hemp Heals helps with stress reduction and joint inflammation.


  • Non-GMO
  • Contains Gamma Linolenic Acid
  • Fatty acid help to lubricate joints


  • No word on where the hemp is sourced from
  • May spark certain food allergies

7. Tapee Paws Hemp Oil for Dogs 250 mg

This cruelty-free, non-GMO, vegan and organic hemp oil from Tapee Paws can be used for both dogs and cats to help alleviate muscle spasms, treat epilepsy and even provide relief for dry, irritated and itchy skin.

For dogs under 20 pounds, administer 4 drops a day. Pets 21-49lbs get 8 drops a day. Dogs 50-99lbs get 15 drops a day and dogs 100+ pounds get 23 drops per day.


  • GMP Certified
  • Free of artificial additives
  • Cold press processed


  • Has a nutty flavor pets may not like
  • Does not last long if you have a large dog

8. Happy Pet Hemp Oil For Dogs

Finally, we have Hemp oil for Dogs & Cats by Happy Pet which is a 100% organic hemp oil product. This one stands out to us because of the CO2 extraction and the addition of zinc in the formula for added immunity boost which we like.

This hemp oil pet product also contains omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids for added joint support and may be able to help with minor digestive issues or discomforts.


  • Added vitamin (E and D) and mineral support
  • One of the more affordable hemp oils
  • For dogs and cats


  • Link between reduced cancer risk and CBD have not been proven
  • May cause some skin irritation

There you Have it

CBD oil has come a long way and it is now widely accepted as a viable treatment  for all kinds of conditions that pets commonly face. It is safe for the most part (you may want to consult a vet if you’re dog has any sensitivities or allergies) and many pet owners swear by it.

The aforementioned products are generally useful for joint support and anxiety in particular while some of the more far-fetched claims include a purported reduction in the risk of cancer.

While all of the hemp oil products on our list deserve your consideration we can only choose one to recommend to our readers and that one would have to be the last entry on our list – Happy Pet Hemp Oil.

The reason we like this one so much is because of its overall value. It has a solid customer rating, provides added immunity support which many other hemp oils for pets have overlooked, is very affordable and offer most of the same health benefits as more expensive brands. We  recommend you check out Happy Pets or any of the products featured on our list!

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