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CBD For Small Pets

Having pets of different sizes and species can be expensive especially when it comes to vet fees. You have to spend lots of money because each pet needs a specific type of medicine because of its weight and breed.

But what if there was one versatile medicine that you could administer to all your pets regardless of their size and species? Hemp oil is the medication you’re looking for. It’s a safe and healthy alternative to pet pharmaceuticals & it can be administered to any type of pet.

Products with small amounts of hemp oil extract (typically 250mg) can even be administered to smaller domestic animals namely hamsters, rabbits, birds, mice and even reptiles like bearded dragons.

But how do pet owners know how to get it right? Take a look at the following quick solution on how to give hemp oil to your small pets. We’ve also given you a top 10 list of the best hemp oil suitable for small domestic animals.

How to Administer Hemp Oil to Smaller Pets
It’s easy to give hemp oil to cats and dogs as you can simply mix the product into their food. But giving hemp oil to small pets such as hamsters or mice can be a bit trickier. The best way for this task is to mix it with their water.

Ensure you use the dosage chart on your instruction leaflet or the guidelines on the label. This will help you administer the correct amounts according to your pet’s weight.

What is Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?
Full-spectrum is the term to describe the complete range of compounds extracted from a single plant. Some hemp oil products only contain two compounds. But other products have all the healthy properties extracted from a single plant, including:

  • Phytocannabinoid
  • Terpenes
  • Essential oils
  • Flavonoids
  • Cannabichromene
  • Cannabigerol
  • Cannabinol

1. Pure Hemp Naturals Hemp Oil For Small Pets

Pure Pet Naturals has 250mg of pure hemp extract. The product was formulated by trusted veterinarians so you’re guaranteed a safe and healthy medication for your pets. There are no traces of THC and the oil is 100% organic.

The Pure Pet Naturals can be administered to dogs, cats and other small domestic animals namely hamsters & even bearded dragons.

For bearded dragons, it can cure tail rot and skin infections. For smaller animals, it relieves anxiety, joint pain and gastrointestinal diseases.


  • User-friendly dropper
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • No documented side effects


  • Limited information on the company
  • No customer support

2. Glenscot Hemp Oil For Small Pets

Glenscot hemp oil for pets is a full spectrum product. It has 250mg of pure hemp extract containing all the healthy compounds your pets need to relieve pain and distress. It’s 100% organic and toxin-free.

The Glenscot hemp oil is used for smaller pets namely kittens and puppies as well as guinea pigs & hamsters. It’s easy to administer dosages as you can simply place it in your pet’s water bowl or mix it with their food.

Glenscot’s hemp oil for pets is used for many ailments as it contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling on joints and organs. It helps pets with arthritis and gastrointestinal ailments. Glenscot hemp oil reduces the effects of anxiety and boosts your pet’s immune system.


  • Developed by trusted veterinarians
  • Gluten and GMO-free
  • No reported side effects


  • Doesn’t work for some animals
  • Damaged packaging

3. R+R Medicinals Hemp Oil for Pets

The R+R hemp oil is a natural product that’s safe for all types of animals. R+R contains 500mg of pure 100% organic hemp

extract that’s free from artificial sweeteners, GMOs and toxins.

The product can be used for smaller animals such as kittens, puppies, rabbits and bearded dragons. Simply mix the oil into your pet’s food or water. For faster results, you can administer doses orally.

R+R’s hemp oil is quite versatile as it can be used to relieve many of your pet’s ailments. It has ingredients that contain anti-inflammatory properties namely omega fatty acids that combat swelling in the intestines and joints.

You can use R+R hemp oil as a fast solution for pets that suffer from chronic pain and skin irritations. The R+R hemp oil is also used for pets that suffer from anxiety. R+R is the best solution for pets that stress easily in noisy environments.


  • Contains nutrients
  • Has omega fatty acids
  • Safe for all types of pets


  • Some animals don’t like the taste
  • Problems with the dropper

4. PB Pets Hemp Oil For Small Pets

PB Pets hemp oil is a natural product that’s suitable for older animals that suffer from chronic pain and mobility problems.

The oil is a full spectrum product that contains all the compounds found in the hemp plant. These compounds reduce the effects of insomnia, joint pain and depression.

In the bottle, you get 300mg of pure hemp extract combined with nutrients and omega fatty acids. Because PB Pets hemp oil has a small amount of hemp extract you’re able to administer doses to your small pets namely rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, kittens and puppies.

The omega fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce swelling on your pet’s joints and muscles. Fatty acids are healthy and can improve your pet’s digestive system.


  • No added preservatives
  • Reduces swelling
  • Helps with anxiety


  • Dogs don’t like the taste
  • Doesn’t work for bigger animals

5. Serenity Hemp Oil for Small Pets

Although the Serenity hemp oil for pets contains 4000mg of hemp extract it can still be administered to smaller pets in smaller dosages. Simply refer to the label or the package leaflet to see how much of the hemp oil you can give according to the weight of your pet.

The Serenity hemp oil is 100% organic with no added preservatives, GMOs or toxins. Each drop contains a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals such as calcium and vitamins E & D. Serenity hemp oil also contains amino fatty acids namely Omega 3, 6 and 9.

All the vitamins, minerals and amino fatty acids help strengthen your pet’s bones & improve its overall health. The omega fatty acids reduce swelling on the joints, muscles and organs to help relieve pain.


  • Fast working pain relief
  • Helps with anxiety
  • Can be used for all types of small domestic animals


  • The directions aren’t clear
  • Causes diarrhea for some pets

6. Benny’s Hemp Oil for Pets

Benny’s Hemp oil for pets contains 250mg of pure hemp extract that is suitable to administer to smaller domesticated pets namely hamsters, bearded dragons, puppies and kittens.

Simply mix the product into your pet’s food or water or drop a small amount directly into his or her mouth for fast results. Each drop contains medium-chain triglycerides which are triglycerides that contain amino fatty acids.

All ingredients help relieve your pets anxiety as well as chronic joint pain and allergies. Benny’s hemp oil for pets works especially well for animals who suffer from phobias, aggression and anxiety.


  • Used for small and bigger pets
  • Easy to administer doses
  • Vegan and organic


  • Problems with the packaging
  • Slow shipping

7. Revive Naturals Organic Hemp Oil For Small Pets

The Revive Naturals 100% organic hemp oil is specially formulated for your pet’s strength and wellbeing. Each bottle contains 500mg of pure cold pressed hemp extract with many beneficial properties.

There are no preservatives or allergens in the Revive Naturals hemp seed oil so it’s safe to use for big or smaller domesticated pets.

The Revive Naturals hemp oil is used to relieve anxiety and improve your pet’s sleep patterns. It contains anti-inflammatory properties within the hemp oil that reduces swelling in the joints, muscles and organs. It’s used to treat arthritis, dermatitis, depression and gastrointestinal diseases.


  • No added preservatives
  • Safe for small and larger pets
  • Contains healthy nutrients


  • Has an unpleasant smell
  • Cats don’t like the taste

8. BarkBox 100mg Hemp Oil For Pets

BarkBox is a full spectrum of hemp oil. This means that it contains all the healthy properties of the hemp plant with no traces of THC which is a psychoactive compound. The 100mg of pure hemp extract is safe to administer to smaller animals such as hamsters and mice.

It’s easy to administer dosages to your pets as you can mix it in their food or water. For faster results use the dropper to drip a small amount of BarkBox hemp oil directly into your pets’ mouths. Each drop contains terpenes, phytochemicals and essential fatty acids.

The BarkBox hemp oil for pets is a fast-acting medicine for smaller animals that suffer from joint pains and irritable bowel syndrome. BarkBox’s active ingredients help relieve your pets’ anxiety and improve their overall mood. It also increases their appetite and combats nausea & diarrhea.


  • Full-spectrum hemp oil
  • Suitable for small domesticated animals
  • 100% organic and cruelty-free


  • Problems with the dropper
  • Instructions aren’t clear

9. Colts Pet Supplies Hemp Oil For Pets

Colts Pet Supplies hemp oil comes in two packs of 30ml bottles. Each bottle contains 500mg of pure 100% organic hemp extract. The extract is combined with important nutrients and amino fatty acids. Colts Pet Supplies hemp oil is a healthy medicine suitable for all pet sizes and breeds.

You can administer Colts Pet Supplies hemp oil to reptiles such as bearded dragons. It’s suitable for other smaller animals namely hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, puppies and kittens.

The dosage instructions are easy to follow. The label and leaflet explains the dosage to administer according to the weight of your pet. For smaller pets, the best way to administer a dose of Colts hemp oil is to mix it in their water.

Colts Pet Supply is hemp oil that provides quick pain relief to animals that suffer from arthritis and inflammation in the organs and muscles. It’s also excellent to use for anxiety, seizures and insomnia.


  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • Suitable for small animals
  • 100% natural


  • Doesn’t work for certain dog breeds
  • May not be suitable for pregnant dogs

10. Tapee Paws Hemp Oil for Small Pets

Tapee Paws is premium grade hemp oil suitable for cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits and bearded dragons.

The Tapee Paws product contains 250mg of pure hemp oil that’s 100% organic with no preservatives or allergens. It has many healthy properties that relieve joint pain, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

It has fast active ingredients that improve your pets overall health, mood and digestive system.


  • 100% organic and cruelty-free
  • Fast active ingredients
  • Suitable for all pet breeds


  • May cause gas
  • Problems with shipping

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a product that can provide quick pain relief for your pets we recommend you use R+R hemp oil. It’s full-spectrum hemp oil that contains all the healthy compounds with no traces of psychoactive properties.

R+R Medicinals Hemp

It’s safe to use for smaller and bigger pets as it’s a pure & natural oil that has no toxins, added preservatives or GMOs. The R+R hemp oil has many healthy ingredients such as amino fatty acids to reduce swelling on joints and muscles.

R+R also contains essential nutrients that regulate your pets’ bowels, improve their mood and combat insomnia and aggression.

Hemp oil is an important medicine to keep with you at all times whether you have big or small pets. The bottles are easy to store or transport and the oil contains many healthy properties that standard pet pharmaceuticals don’t have.

Get a bottle of R+R or any of the other top 10 hemp oil products and let us know how they worked for your pet by leaving a comment below. Your feedback may help other readers make the best decisions for their pets too.

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