Canna Medis Hemp Oil for Dogs Review

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What happens when your beloved pet falls ill with cancer? Are there pet pharmaceutical products out there that can help ease your dog’s pain and discomfort? There are myriads of canine medications on the market but none as effective as hemp oil, especially for cancer dogs.

For dogs that suffer from chronic pain, arthritis, cancer and other difficult-to-treat ailments you need Canna Medis hemp oil. It’s a tried and tested formula designed to heal & strengthen your dog’s immune system.

To know more about the Canna Medis hemp oil and what it can do for your pet, take a look at the product review below. We hope that this product will help your pooch and bring some comfort to his or her life.

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About the Product

The Canna Medis hemp oil comes in a 60ml plastic spray bottle with a safety cap. Canna Medis’ spray bottle prevents the product from leaking and it allows you to spread the formula evenly over food or snacks.

Canna Medis contains a strong 12000mg of pure hemp seed extract. The potent formula is designed for dogs that suffer from chronic pain and anxiety. Because of the potency of the product, it’s only suitable for dogs that are 30lb and heavier.

You can check the label so you can give exact dosages to your dog according to his or her weight. It’s advised to shake the bottle well before spraying the formula into your dog’s food or water. This is so the content of the bottle is mixed well before administering the oil to your pet.

How to Administer Dosages
The Canna Medis hemp oil has a nozzle that allows you to spray the formula evenly over your dog’s food or water. Because the consistency of the formula is thin it won’t change the texture of your pet’s food.

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When spraying the formula into your dog’s food or water it may take a while for the product to work. For faster results, spray the hemp oil into your pet’s mouth. The spray nozzle makes it easier to administer dosages to your pet orally than many other methods—such as droppers—because it doesn’t drip or spill.

Another way you can give your pooch a healthy dose of Canna Medis is spraying the formula on his or her paws. Your dog will lick the formula which helps your pet ingest the oil faster.

Where is the Hemp Grown?

The hemp plants are cultivated in the USA in a certified and controlled facility. There were no GMOs or pesticides used during the cultivation of the hemp plants. This makes Canna Medis 100% organic.

There are no added flavorings, colorants or psychoactive properties in the formula. This makes the Canna Medis hemp oil a trusted product that’s safe and healthy for your pet to consume.

Canna Medis For Cancer

What Ingredients does the Product Contain?

The Canna Medis formula only contains pure hempseed extract with no added preservatives, colorants or THC. Canna Medis’ hemp oil only contains beneficial properties such as amino fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Conditions Canna Medis Hemp Oil is Best For

Canna Medis is best suited for dogs suffering with cancer as the formula contains properties that inhibit cancer cell growth. It reduces your dog’s pain and inflammation caused by cancer.

Chronic Pain
The formula is suitable for older pets with stiff joints, muscle cramps and gastrointestinal diseases. It improves your dog’s mobility and can give your pet a burst of energy.

Dog’s that suffer from seizures can benefit from the Canna Medis formula as it eases the effects of convulsions.

Anxiety and Stress
The calming properties in the Canna Medis formula are used to treat dogs that suffer from separation anxiety and insomnia. It’s a fast working formula that relaxes your dog when he or she is exposed to stressful environments.


  • Animal cruelty-free
  • Can be used for other domestic pet breeds
  • 100% organic
  • No added colorants
  • Inhibits cancer cell growth
  • Can be shipped to other countries


  • Spray nozzle makes it difficult to administer exact dosages
  • Not suitable for pregnant dogs
  • Can only be given to pets that are 30lb and heavier
  • Problems with the packaging

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult seeing your furry friend suffer from chronic pain and discomfort due to cancer. Providing comfort and medicine that can reduce pain is the best solution for pets that suffer from cancer & other chronic illnesses.

That’s why the Canna Medis hemp oil was made: to provide a healthy and safe medicine that works for your dog. Give your dog the chance to live a comfortable life free from pain by providing your pet with the Canna Medis fast acting hemp oil formula.

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