CBD For Fighters

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I am excited as someone who has trained for boxing, muay thai and Jiu Jitsu for almost a decade to tell you about the exciting explosion of CBD for everything from cancer to quelling anxiety and stress. CBD is an extract from the hemp plant where the THC content is under .3%.

We will get to all that later but for now let’s discuss how Nate Diaz famously brought a CBD vape to a post fight conference shown live to millions of people around the world. Let’s also discuss the benefits fighters can get from reductions in pain and inflammation along with aided recovery and a better nights sleep. With the explosion in popularity of CBD in MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai and Boxing, fighters need to navigate the often murky waters of the CBD marketplace which contains plenty of gems but also some duds.

What is CBD and How Does It Work

So basically, the farm bill has been signed into legislation which thus brands all Cannabis plants under .03% THC to be hemp.  Growers can manipulate the genetics of the plant to create quality plants that are just under .03% limit. THC is the compound in marijuana that makes us feel high. THC is a cannabinoid. Another cannabinoid that has come to prominence in recent years is CBD, which is quickly growing a reputation as a fearless pain and illness heavyweight prize fighter.

What Types Of Fighters Like CBD?

The short answer to that is that all of them do and there have plenty of famous spokespeople for each sport.


Joe Rogan MMA

Joe Rogan is a big pot smoker and he is the first to admit that a lot of BJJ fighters train while high for the added benefits they fell it brings to their game and their enjoyment of it and that is certainly one thing to note here. Anyone that trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a while knows that it is a very tactical sport where the competitor who is more alert can often gain more advantageous positions throughout the role. The benefits in CBD for increasing focus and competition can help for BJJ fighters and obviously helping them to recover during training is an added benefit.

CBD for Boxing


Boxers know how it feels to be punched in the face and while some might claim to like being hit, most don’t. Floyd Mayweather made a career of avoiding being hit and he should be awarded for that. Mayweather infamously spoke out and protested Nate Diaz should be allowed to smoke weed in peace after a failed drug test from Nate.

Getting hit in the face can lead to pain and inflammation which a quality cbd product could help to reduce and recover. Recovery from repeated hard sessions and sometimes a run as well in the day make CBD an attractive way to wind down after training, relax the mind and ensure that the boxer gets a good night sleep where he’s muscles and joints can benefit from the effects of the cbd on their endocannabinoid system.

Famous boxers who support CBD include Mike Tyson, WBC champion Charlie Edwards, Anthony Fowler and Deontay Wilder.  CBD is perfect for recovering the muscles and joints through difficult sessions, day in day out.

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CBD in MMA was banned by USADA up until last year but now fighters in the UFC are allowed to use CBD during competition. What they need to watch out for is the THC if they are going to be subject to drug testing for any fights as marijuana is still a banned substance and THC is normally only found in marijuana but CBD may have up to .03% THC but you wouldn’t want any THC showing up in a drug test.

If you stick to the recommended dose of CBD from most products you will be fine but always look out for Lab testing results. If you are looking for industry standard quality CBD that is certified CBD free, check out Joy Organics Premium THC free CBD rich product range.

Nate Diaz, Jon Jones and a whole host of other top UFC fighters champion CBD in the sport and the opposition to allowing CBD to be used is non-existent. While the debate about which fighting style is dominant will always continue to rage on, I personally believe that MMA fighters have the most difficult job. Not only do they have to get their fitness to insane levels, they also have to worry about multiple disciplines.

A boxer focuses on just the hands and a muay thai fighter includes kicks, knees elbows and teeps.

MMA fighters have to deal with all of that and they are wearing tiny 4 oz gloves AND they have to worry about the ground game elements of Brazilian Jiu Jitzu and Wrestling. This intense amount of variation in the techniques facing the mma fighter lead to a of pressure and that pressure can manifest itself in a number of ways.

MMA fighters will nearly always train twice a day to cover the multiple disciplines and they need to take sparring, road work and weight lifting into the equation as well.

The body is going to come under a lot of pressure and the fighters need something they can depend on to ease the recovery process, calm the mind, reduce pain and inflammation with the numerous injuries and pains that fighters inevitably pick up. CBD can also shut down the fighters mind at night and ensure they get a peaceful nights sleep.

So what actually is CBD again?

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CBD is cannabinoid similar to THC which is extracted from the hemp plant to be used in a range of uses from hair and beauty to medicine to fitness supplements. CBD reacts with the Endocannabinoid system in the human brain that triggers the release of dopamine and sends signals to calm pain and ease inflammation.

The best way to extract CBD from the cannabis plant is with a C02 extraction process where the CBD is uncontaminated by any other extraction methods. CBD is not only for humans, pets such as dogs, cats and even horses have endocannabinoid systems as well that allow them to enjoy the full effects of CBD on mind and body.

What’s The Best Way To Take CBD For A Fighter

There are many ways to get your daily dose of CBD and they all have advantages and disadvantages.

CBD Oil Tinctures

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CBD oil tinctures definitely have their place. They can be taken sublingually by placing two or three drops under the tongue and holding it for a minute before swallowing. This is allows for the CBD to enter the blood stream quickly through the mouth before it enters the stomach for a slower release. That being said it way take up to 2 hours for the cbd oil to take effect so it is probably best to take this CBD in the morning. It can also be added to food so that is also something to think about.


Natural and pure way to get CBD oil

Versatile in use internally and externally

Can vary your dosage easily by filling the dropper higher or lower

CBD oil can be particularly good for BJJ competitors who want the effects of the CBD to be hitting then during the training to relax and focus them.

Can include it in your food or protein shake to avoid any bad taste.


There are faster ways to get the effects of the CBD

CBD Oils can taste bad. Companies will give their CBD oil a taste often to avoid this so always look out for organic and natural ingredients

Our favourite CBD oil is Nuleaf Naturals, it’s full spectrum, third party lab tested and the hemp is grown in Colorado. They offer free shipping in the US and it is definitely the best oil I have tried.

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CBD Softgel Capsules

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CBD softgel capsules are a quick and easy way to get your fix of CBD with no mess and no fuss. Simply take a taste free softgel in the morning and that’s it, you’re done for the day. If you are a bigger athlete or have built up a tolerance you can space two out throughout the day. Softgels with take about 2 hours to get to work so give it time. If you buy some quality softgels you will get all the benefits of the natural substance. If you want to take them for sleep, take the does about 2 hours before bed for best effects.


Easy to take

Eliminates bad taste

No Mess, No Fuss

Can Also Contain Omega 3 and 6 which is a great replacement for Fish oils


Each capsule way contain too much CBD which wouldn’t suit your dosing

Relatively slow to take effect.

Best CBD Soft Gels – Joy Organics THC Free Soft gels that come in a variety of different combinations from Melatonin for sleep to curcumin for pain. USA grown hemp and a quality CBD soft gels. These soft gels really help when dealing with pain and inflammation from my experience. They come with free shipping and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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CBD Vape

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CBD vaping hits the bloodstream straight away so it is a perfect way to get your cbd when you need it fast like after a tough training session or before it if you want that for BJJ. The Diaz brothers purported to using CBD for their training as well and it is not something I would advise against.

Nate Diaz made CBD Vaping infamous when he arrived with a CBD vape to post fight press conference. Vaping CBD hits the endocannabinoid system super quickly through the blood vessels in the tongue which is perfect for after a tough sparring session or to get some well deserved sleep if you have been training late at night. Having Vaped cbd myself I can attest to an immediate relaxation feeling and definitely helps with the bumps and bruises picked up in training even if it is just taking your mind off them

Again CBDfx have tons of flavours and products to offer you in the vape section and with free shipping, money back guarantee and competitive pricing CBDfx are a good product to try if you are starting out or if you want a certified quality product with 100s of good reviews.


Takes Effect Quickly

Great For After Training

Helps With Pain And Inflamation

Helps With Sleep

Enjoyable and Recreational


Can impair Lung Function for training

Study not done into long term effect of vaping

CBD Creams

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CBD has expanded into all sorts of products from coffee to tea to cbd bath bombs. It is no surprise then that CBD can also come in a cream or salve which can be used for anything from massages to easing muscular pain to easing pain in the joints or treating Acne and any scars from the acne. CBD is great for after training when your legs and muscles are sore and you want to get some quick relief. You can also use the CBD cream for any sprains or knocks you pick up along the way. If you are training competitively it is probably in your best interest to keep some CBD cream around.


Can be applied at the point of pain

Can be mixed with other pain killers like Turmeric for better results

Can have positive effects for the skin

Reduces Inflammation and pain


Absorption rates could be better

When applied generously it can be expensive

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