Definitive Guide to CBD for Dogs

CBD For Dogs

For over 5,000 years, humans and other animals have been using hemp as a medicine for a wide range of symptoms and conditions. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a vital factor in hemp that plays a massive role in hemp’s overall medicinal properties.

With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, farmers in the United States can now legally cultivate, possess, and use industrial hemp for a variety of purposes. As CBD picks up popularity across the nation, a tremendous selection of different CBD products has become available.

Of the different CBD products that are hitting the market quickly are CBD pet products; specifically, cats and dogs. CBD for dogs is becoming the latest trend, with CBD dog treats, oil for dogs, and much more becoming widely available for purchase.

It may be more than just a fad-type trend, however. On the contrary, CBD for dogs might be as legitimate as it is for humans. For the dog lovers among us, or the dog owners that have an elderly pooch in their care, CBD for dogs might be the ideal solution you’ve been looking for.

Should I Get CBD For My Dog?

If you’ve been asking yourself lately, “should I get CBD for my dog?” then this guide is exactly the answer to your questions.

We’ve compiled the information together, so you don’t have to research any further. We’ve done the research for you so that you can make an informed, educated decision on whether introducing CBD into your dog’s daily routine is the right move for your pup.

Let’s dive into our definitive guide to CBD for dogs to answer vital questions on whether CBD is viable for man’s best friend, what it can do for your favorite pooch, how it might help different dog breeds, and much more.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the 100+ cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Unlike THC, it contains no psychoactive properties that deliver mind altering affects. Though THC is potentially effective in helping a variety of symptoms or conditions, CBD can provide the same or more level of effectiveness, depending on the CBD product.

Different CBD products provide different effects, so before we proceed any further through this definitive guide to CBD for dogs, keep in mind that not every dog is the same. Each animal responds differently to every substance and there’s no exclusion for cannabidiol. That being said, CBD itself is a non toxic compound that is perfectly safe for your dog to take. Whether you choose to go with a full spectrum or thc free product is a choice for each individual owner and trial and error may be the best way to find a perfect product.

Speak with your veterinarian before introducing CBD into your dog’s daily lifestyle if you’re unsure about the outcome it will deliver.

The Endocannabinoid System In Dogs

Cannabinoid System In Dogs

The endocannabinoid system is common among almost all mammals with a backbone including dogs and of course humans. The endocannabinoid system is a series of receptors throughout your pets body which promote balance, wellness and ‘homeostasis’ by feeding on cannabinoids naturally produced in your pets body. Scientists have discovered that these receptors also feed off cannabinoids that are introduced to the body in much the same way. This is where CBD comes in as the cannabinoid with the best name for healing. CBD feeds the receptors, restoring balance and staving off a wide range of ailments in humans and pets.

Are CBD treats safe for dogs?

While the short answer is “yes,” CBD treats are safe for dogs, it’s important to stress that it’s safe in moderation. Dogs, like humans, have an endocannabinoid system consisting of neurons that run throughout the body. These neurons have receptors that cannabinoids naturally produced in the body bind to.

While THC is toxic to dogs in larger doses and potentially harmful, CBD interacts safely with it to provide positive effects. According to The Cannabist, while research is limited on the topic, veterinarians across the nation are lobbying for access to hemp and marijuana in order to conduct further research on its effects for our pets.

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Full Spectrum Or THC Free?

If you are familiar with CBD you may have already heard about the entourage effect. This comes in to play with full spectrum products where all the cannabinoids work together as a team to provide the best healing properties. It is widely accepted now that full spectrum is more effective than a CBD isolate for healing and wellness due to the entourage effect.

We would always recommend a full spectrum product unless you have a specific reason to avoid the trace amounts of thc found in full spectrum hemp products which are legal in the US and Europe. It could be a case of trial and error here but if you want to avoid a full spectrum product, broad spectrum would be our second choice. Broad spectrum contains all the cannabinoids except the THC is removed.

Can humans take Pet CBD oil?

Technically, yes, if you wanted to see what the CBD version of a Scooby Snack tastes like, you could try your pet’s CBD oil. However, pet CBD oil is usually rated at a much lower strength per dose, so just know that it won’t be as strong and, as a result, possibly not as effective as your human version.

In addition, if you were to ask, “can pets take human CBD oil?” the answer is also a hesitant and technical yes. However, human CBD oil is often rated at a much higher strength than what is rated safest for dogs and other pets. We recommend not using human CBD oil for your dog.

Furthermore, pet CBD oil is specifically formulated for your dog or cat, so it’s just best not to get the two confused. Pet CBD oil wouldn’t taste so good for us humans, and human CBD oil may not be the safest for your pet.

What are the side effects of CBD for dogs?

According to the American Kennel Club, there are some possible side effects of CBD for dogs. The most common side effect, as often for humans as it is for dogs, is dry mouth. Research indicates that CBD decreases the production of saliva in some, which typically manifests increased thirst.

Easy solution: just make sure your doggie has access to a lot of water and is well hydrated if you introduce them to CBD.

Another likely side effect, depending on the CBD brand you choose, is drowsiness in your pup. Dog owners often use CBD to treat anxiety in their furry friend, and the calming effect, as a side effect, initiates a slight drowsiness in some dogs.

This is especially so when CBD is used in high doses, so just use moderation when dosing your dog and watch out for bouts of too oversleeping or sleeping at the wrong times. Also, try to find Sativa-dominant strains of CBD if the brand specifies and stray away from Indica hybrids.

High doses of CBD in human patients with Parkinson’s Disease have reported an increase in their tremors. Therefore, CBD triggering tremors in a dog is a concerning sign you should always be alert for. While this is a negative side effect, it can also be a first-response indicator of your dog developing a neurodegenerative disease.

The only other notable, potential side effect is lowered blood pressure, but this is only found in dogs that consume high doses of CBD. Certain levels of CBD may cause a temporary and slight drop in blood pressure, though this can also make them feel dizzy or lightheaded temporarily.

Can too much CBD oil hurt my dog?

It’s important to note again, CBD is not dangerous to dogs – however, THC is toxic in larger doses and can cause a variety of negative symptoms often reported to veterinarian’s offices. As CBD pet treats get more popular, it is important to pick quality products that produce lab testing to let you know what is in the product.

As discussed, many full-spectrum CBD products contain trace amounts of THC. The legal maximum amount is 0.3% THC per hemp product and this should not be a problem for most pets. Always make sure you go with a reputable company that offers lab testing. Some white label may contain much more THC than advertised.

As the CBD industry is massively unregulated at this time, many CBD brands slip under the radar as not testing every batch to ensure consistency in quality and consistency in the amount of THC present.

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center notes that the increase in calls reported about cannabinoid tincture or treat ingestion has been largely in dogs that consume more than the recommended amount.

Usually, this happens if the owner is not paying closely enough attention to the recommended serving amount, or the dog gets into the treats because they’re not stored out of reach of the pup. Make sure you’re taking caution to give your pup the right serving size to prevent any negative reactions.

The most commonly reported signs of THC overdose in a dog that’s consumed an unregulated or too much full-spectrum THC product are:

  • Hyperesthesia
  • Vomiting
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Ataxia
  • Lethargy

CBD Isolate pet products may prove to have less THC than most full-spectrum CBD products, but keep in mind that CBD isolate brands may not be testing every batch either and are not as effective.

We recommend sticking with brands like Joy Organics, who details the lot number of every batch of product that sell, from pet treats to tinctures.

You can look your CBD pet product up through the lot number located on the bottom of the product to see its detailed lab results. This shows the attributes, like consistency and color, the date of manufacture, as well as potencies, terpenes, level of pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and more.

While Joy Organics is just one example, just make sure you’re sticking with a CBD brand that you can trust has the best interests of your dog at heart.

What do CBD treats do for dogs?

There are many benefits of CBD for dogs, though the effects vary depending on the potency of the product and what it’s geared towards. The list of potential benefits is actually quite endless, though we’ve narrowed it down to the ones we can at least look at through studies and research.


Anxiety is something that is rapidly on the rise in the human population with the modern busy city lives and lack of meaning. Dogs and other pets are also prone anxiety. Be it separation anxiety or anxiety around people they don’t know. Hemp is super effective for relieving this anxiety. We would recommend a full spectrum product as the trace amount of THC should help to calm your dog.


As our pets get older, they are subject a reduction in mobility as well as pain in the joints and even Arthritis. Arthritis in dogs can cause a lot of discomfort and pain and cbd can be the perfect way to provide relief for your pet. We would always recommend a full spectrum product like Nuleaf Naturals pet cbd oil for maximum benefits.


Cancer in dogs is a big reason that people turn to CBD. Unfortunately, our pets are subject to cancer just like humans. The research into CBD for cancer tumours has been positive. Thorough testing on rats has shown that the cannabis plant can reduce the size of cancer tumors and more and more stories are coming out to show how cannabis has caused cancer to go into recession and this is also true for dogs. We would again strongly recommend a full spectrum product if you are looking into CBD for your dog.


Diabetes is another common ailment that dogs suffer from as well as humans. Diabetes occurs when dogs have trouble converting food into energy and they are either insulin resistant or don’t produce enough insulin to absorb the glucose. Unfortunately, it is an incurable chronic disease but the way CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system has been shown to open up the receptors in the body and relieve some of the systems. It’s important to note that CBD is not a miracle cure and prevention is a better option than treatment.

Treat Seizures

Up to 5% of dogs might suffer from idiopathic of symptomatic seizures, which idiopathic epilepsy having no underlying cause to date. Though it may be genetic, we’re not even sure why dogs get it, so battling it with treatment is up in the air just as much.

Since CBD-rich medical marijuana has been so successful in humans for various forms of epilepsy, research indicates that CBD might be an effective treatment for seizures, among a variety of other ailments and diseases, in dogs and other pets.

Reduces Inflammation

Studies are currently underway in the research as to the efficacy of cannabidiol in the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs. While this research is obviously needed before a definite answer is provided, there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence suggesting that CBD can help dogs with inflammation.

An all-natural anti-inflammatory agent, CBD can work just as well for dogs as it can for humans in the appropriate dose necessary for results. Strength efficacy will vary greatly from dog to dog, so start with below or at the recommended serving amount and go up from there slowly until you note your dog has reached their peak level of relief.

Reduce Pain

While the evidence so far is almost purely anecdotal in relation to pets, dogs with chronic or extreme pain are finding relief through CBD. Experiences from pet owners with dogs that have severe pain show that CBD may help dogs with pain just as much as it helps some humans.

It’s important to note, CBD can’t cure your dog’s pain. However, if they’re elderly or experience chronic pain, cannabidiol pet products may reduce their corresponding pain, anxiety, or immobility. Veterinarians are eager to study CBD’s efficacy on pets further for these reasons.

Over Aggression

We have seen an overly aggressive dog that gets wound up all the time and lets their energy out in an aggressive manner. There are all kinds of Dog treats out there to help dogs stay calm and CBD products are among the best. Full spectrum CBD products have been show time and time again to stop dogs from going over the top quickly, naturally and effectively.

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If you’ve been wondering if you should introduce CBD into your dog’s daily routine, this guide may be the answer you’ve been looking for. We hope this was able to better inform you on the effects CBD can provide for your dog, how much CBD you should give your dog for different outcomes, and more.

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re considering introducing CBD to your dog, consult a veterinarian if you still feel unsure. Many vets are moving to utilize CBD for cats and dogs alike, so your veterinarian may be in favor of the hemp extract.

Getting friendly advice from your local veterinarian office will also help you further decide if this is the right move for you. Furthermore, they may be able to provide a brand recommendation or even words of caution for brands to stay away from.

Our definitive guide to CBD for dogs went over how safe cannabidiol is for your furry friend, whether humans can take CBD oil designed for pets or not, what the potential side effects are for doggies, if dogs can have too much CBD, and more.

These questions being answered should point you in the right direction for whether introducing cannabidiol daily to your dog is the right move for you. While it’s an excellent solution for countless dog owners across the nation, this guide was aimed at helping you as an individual decide if this is also the right decision for your pooch.

For a safe, all-natural alternative to a lot of prescription medications that make your dog seem like a different animal, CBD may be the answer for you. Look into CBD dog products in your area to find the best full-spectrum CBD dog product that has the ideal strength and focus for what your pooch needs.

For a quick rundown on what we just learned today about CBD for dogs, the benefits, side effects, and how much CBD to give your dog, just click on the video below:

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