CBD for Fibromyalgia – Will CBD Help My Constant Suffering?

CBD For Fibromyalgia

It’s heart-wrenching how many people I know, who suffer from various illnesses. And it’s also incredible, that a lot of the symptoms these people face can be treated or at least have the symptoms reduced with CBD. One of my closest friends has Fibromyalgia and I know how hard it is to live with.

She said that it can feel as if her whole body is bruised. If anyone hugs her it hurts. Even seemingly simple tasks, like getting dressed is painful for her. Because of being in constant pain, it makes her feel exhausted, irritable and moody, which is understandable! Imagine living in constant pain. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must be for her.

It’s interesting to note that CBD has helped many people with the painful symptoms of fibromyalgia, but then again there are others who have used CBD for fibromyalgia and it hasn’t worked as well. Researchers are not exactly sure why this is the case but in my experience cbd will definitely make you feel more calm and relaxed, but who knows? Maybe CBD does work for you. It’s worth a try and I’m definitely going to share this information with my friend and hopefully, it helps!

Can CBD help with painful fibromyalgia symptoms?

Medical News Today, shows that CBD has helped people manage their painful symptoms. CBD has pain-relieving effects. CBD blocks nerve pathways that send pain signals between the brain and the body. CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties, and this in turn will help reduce pain. Watch this video on YouTube for more information on how CBD reduces pain in the body. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cWU7lbuu_E.

Does CBD really work for fibromyalgia?

In 2014 the National Pain Foundation conducted a survey of 1 300 patients who suffered from fibromyalgia. Many patients reported that CBD worked better than actual prescription medication. Studies have also shown that CBD mixed with a bit of THC works the best for pain management. (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0306987705004317) .

Studies have shown that CBD along with some traces of THC works very well for some people when it comes to fibromyalgia. More studies are needed but what we do know is that CBD reduces pain, inflammation, improves sleep and helps improve feelings of depression and anxiety.

Use pure full-spectrum CBD oil for fibromyalgia.

Nuleaf Naturals offers full-spectrum, pure CBD oil. Their products are also non-GMO and free of additives, preservatives, and emulsifiers. When it comes to treating fibromyalgia, it’s important to choose the best brands of CBD. Nuleaf Naturals products also contain significant secondary cannabinoids, such as CBC, CBN, CBG, which are also fantastic for your health. When you use these cannabinoids together, they work better, than isolating each cannabinoid. Nuleaf naturals provide an excellent brand of CBD. They also offer third-party testing which means that their CBD has gone through rigorous testing, so you can be assured that what you are putting into your body is pure and of excellent quality.

Other brands that are awesome for fibromyalgia is CBDfx. They offer pure, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products. If you can’t stand the taste of CBD oil, they also offer berry tasting gummies as well as vape pens.

Joy Organics, also offer superb products! Their products are THC free.

You can even get a CBD patch.

A CBD patch is really great. It is small, discreet and unobtrusive. Offering an easy solution for treating muscle and nerve pain. When you place the patch on your skin, it offers a specific does that slowly enters the bloodstream at the spot where you are experiencing pain. It then enters the central nervous system, and this in turn relieves pain.

It’s also interesting to note, that by using a CBD patch, you will receive the right dose exactly into your bloodstream. By ingesting CBD it has to go through your digestive tract, which could lead to poor absorption. By using a CBD patch absorption can be up to 45% in comparison to oral CBD which is between 4 and 20%

Just be careful, overuse of CBD patches can lead to local skin irritation.

Fight chronic fatigue with CBD

Chronic fatigue is terrible. It sadly is a symptom that comes along with fibromyalgia. Research is still being conducted as to how CBD fights chronic fatigue, but many people have had positive results. As we know CBD improves sleep. If your sleeping better at night, you will feel rested the following day.

By reducing pain and inflammation in the body, you will also feel better. The Journal of Experimental Medicine shows how CBD can reduce pain and inflammation. It’s also interesting to note “that by using CBD does not cause analgesic tolerance” like opioid medications. So you wouldn’t need to increase the dose because your body has become immune to its effects.

When it comes to fatigue, CBD won’t take your chronic fatigue away completely but it can give you more energy. Some studies have shown that CBD promotes wakefulness by strengthening the cells that are involved in making you feel tired and sluggish.

Many people who have chronic fatigue often say that they can’t fall into a deep sleep and suffer from insomnia. We know that studies have shown that CBD can induce sleep and help with complex REM sleep disorders. PubMed shows how a clinical trial gave 160mg of CBD to insomniacs and after a few days, they reported sleeping better and waking less at night. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7028792)

Are there any side effects of using CBD for fibromyalgia?

When it comes to side effects you don’t have to worry. CBD is natural and the side effects are not adverse, as in comparison to prescription drugs.

If you use CBD you might experience:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Sleepiness

So in conclusion, many people are turning to CBD for a natural alternative to opioids for pain management. CBD seems to be a new miracle drug, which helps with so many illnesses.

CBD is natural and could really work for you. As mentioned before though, it might work for you, or it might not.

But I think it’s important to try it. If you can manage painful symptoms of fibromyalgia naturally, that would be awesome!