CBD For Panic Attacks – Can It Help Prevent Anxiety Disorders?

CBD For Panic Attacks

Modern society has dramatically improved over the past twenty years, however, with this change has come new challenges and obstacles for the human race.  Anxiety among our society has dramatically increased in this period leading to more and more of us having panic attacks or anxiety related issues.

Increasing pressures associated with modern social media has created a culture of putting influencers on a pedestal with their followers falling into the trap of thinking this perfect Instagram life is real.

We now live in a high paced highly pressured work life. With this constant pressure on employees and employers to meet modern-day demands and deadlines creates a negative impact on our mental and physical health which may lead to anxiety and therefore

Here are some of the common forms of anxiety hic lead may lead to panic attacks.

  • Generalized Anxiety – A person who displays excessive anxiety or worry most days for at least six months.
  • Panic Disorder – A person that suffers from recurrent unexpected panic attacks. Panic attacks can occur randomly. Alternatively, anxiety attacks are caused in a reaction to the stressor.

·         Social Anxiety – Previously known as social phobia. A person with this disorder has significant anxiety about social interactions like being humiliated, rejected, or looked down on.

“CBD is the Best Thing I Have Ever Tried For Anxiety” – Joe Rogan

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD oil has become a popular natural treatment for many physical and mental sickness associated with society in the 21st century. CBD oil is an extract from the hemp plant itself. It contains 85 different natural chemicals known as cannabinoids. CBD oil is known to have many benefits for the human bodies health and well-being one of which is aiding suffers from IBS.

Does CBD help panic attacks?

CBD oil is known to help us sleep and to improve our mood. When we have a lack of sleep or our moods are in a negative state we tend to suffer more from anxiety or panic attacks. The Permanente Journal in 2016 stated that CBD can be used as an effective tool in fighting anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia.

Studies conducted with CBD oil in 2013 to test CBD oil ability to tackle panic attacks found that CBD triggers hippocampal neurogenesis in the human body. This is the part of the brain in which controls cognition and memory. In suffers of depression or anxiety this region of the brain becomes smaller which leads to the irrational thinking we have when suffering from anxiety or depression.  CBD enlarges this area of the brain allowing us to think more clearly.

Our bodies have built-in receptors or absorbers for processing cannabis. This process is called endocannabinoid and is responsible for our bodies inner balance, regulation of sleep, appetite, and mood. This means cannabis can not only reduce anxiety but other mental and physical disorders in our bodies such as insomnia, anxiety, depression and many others.

Can CBD make anxiety worse?

While most of us find cannabis as a relaxer some people may find themselves still having a panic attack while under the influence.

Cannabis can in some cases cause panic attacks however unlikely. Cannabis can modulate the neurotransmitters in the brain these transmitters control anxiety and elevate our heart rate. This in return can cause a state of panic. This is a state of panic is generally seen in those who suffer from anxiety issues.

This escalation of our heart is generally caused when using higher doses of cannabis or CBD oil. Before taking cannabis or CBD oil you should talk to your doctor about the dose you take.

What do if you have a panic attack while high?

Before taking CBD oil or cannabis you should make sure you are familiar with your surroundings and are comfortable with the people around you. When we are comfortable in our surroundings the chances of us going into a state of panic is greatly reduced and also we may feel more comfortable asking for help if we are feeling overwhelmed.

Do not be afraid to ask for help when you find yourself in this position. It is a good idea to tell a friend or someone who is close by to watch out for symptoms of a panic attack.

If you have gone through a state of panic when taking cannabis or CBD the oil you should visit your doctor to discuss dose levels and whether CBD is suitable for you.

Can CBD make you depressed?

Depression is mainly caused by inflammation and different types of structural changes in the brain these changes can be caused by us going through a very stressful time in our life may be a family member is sick, we are very busy at work, lost our job. Another cause of these changes in our brain can be caused by a traumatic incident in our life this could be a wide range of incidents such as been attacked physically or sexually or been involved in a serious accident or situation.

Here is a list of factors which cause depression amongst us

·         Genetics

·         Sickness (physical & mental)

·         Overload of stress

·         Trauma

·         Social exclusion

When we suffer from depression a region of our brain called hippocampus as discussed earlier shrinks. This area is responsible for our memory, learning capabilities and it controls or regulates our emotions.

However, this part of the brain is capable of recovering from the effects of depression thankfully. It can regrow and even make new connections with the brain this process is called neurogenesis.

We know CBD has components that protect our neurons in the hippocampus which we discussed regulates emotion, controls memory and learning capabilities. This area of the brain amongst suffers of depression is wasted away and needs protection and rebuilding to prevent or recover from depression.

CBD protects and rebuilds the hippocampus area of the brain through 3 pathways.

1.      Endocannabinoids are used by our brain and body to help in the process to regulate memory and inflammation. These endocannabinoids are increased by the intake of CBD. CBD also increases the levels of anandamide in the hippocampus region which promotes neuron growth.

2.      Brain-derived neurotrophic factor– this is a protein in our body which helps our existing neurons survive and stimulates the growth of new protein. CBD is known to increase the levels of this protein which in return reduces the depression symptoms.

3.      Serotonin receptors – CBD is known to activate the serotonin receptor 5-HT1A. This type of receptor control a variety of neurotransmitters and these increase neurogenesis in the opossum hippocampus which fights the symptoms of depression.

CBD Really Can Help Stop Panic Attacks Conclusion

We have discussed many benefits of CBD in this post in relation to mental health problems. We covered how CBD can be used to control or stop anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. In our society, we have many pressures which did not exist as little as 15-20 years ago. To deal with these issues we need to try new forms of medicine and from research, CBD is, in my opinion, the best by some distance. It was good to see the benefits of fighting anxiety and depression CBD provides. These forms of mental health are becoming a huge problem in our world affecting more people year on year and are mainly caused by pressures from social media and or influencing from the web.

We all know someone personally or through someone who suffers from mental health issues. Hopefully, after reading this they or you are more familiar with the issues discussed and see the benefits in which CBD provides in preventing or treating these issues. Hopefully, you can get the required information from this to help yourself or pass it on to help others you know in need of help.