CBD For Raynaud’s Disease – Can CBD Really Help Numb Fingers?

CBD For Raynaud's Disease

Imagine every time that you felt stressed out or cold, your fingers and toes would lose feeling and begin to tingle with pain; almost like pins and needles. Imagine how strange it must be to have your fingers turn blue or white. Would this make you worry?

If you have ever experienced this, or know of someone who has, they might be suffering from Raynaud’s disease. What is Raynaud’s disease and can it be treated with CBD?

What is Raynaud’s Disease?

Raynaud’s disease is a very rare condition that affects mostly women. The majority of people who suffer from  have a family history of the illness, or they are over thirty. It’s interesting to note that people who develop Raynaud’s are also more likely to live in colder climates. It affects about 5 to 10% of Americans.

This rare illness causes blood vessels to narrow when you feel cold or stressed. When this happens it restricts the blood flow to extremities such as fingers and toes, this causes the numb feeling and the change in skin color. When the blood flow returns to normal, your skin will go red and you might begin to feel tingles in your fingers or toes. 

Symptoms include: 

  • Blue or white skin
  • Cold fingers and toes
  • Numb or a tingly feeling when extremities become warm or when stress lessens.

For more information on Raynaud’s Disease, please watch this YouTube Video. 

Dr. Zsuzsanna McMahan explains more about the illness and what is used to treat it.


What causes Raynaud’s?

Researchers are not exactly sure about what causes Raynaud’s. It seems that when the nerves become hyperactive, they cause a narrowing of blood vessels, why this happens exactly is unclear. 

You get Primary Raynaud’s and Secondary Raynaud’s. Primary Raynaud’s is not caused by any underlying issues, whereas Secondary Raynaud’s is caused by some underlying health issues such as : 

  • Disease of the arteries
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome 
  • Certain medications 
  • Connective tissue disease. 
  • Smoking can also trigger Raynaud’s. 

Primary Raynaud’s tends to be the most common form of illness, whereas Secondary Raynaud’s tends to be more serious but also less common. Studies have shown that secondary Raynaud’s usually occurs after the age of 40. 

Does CBD help Raynaud’s?

CBD has been used to treat a number of illnesses. Not only is CBD safe but it works to help relieve symptoms of Raynaud’s. If you would prefer a natural alternative, rather than going the chemical route, CBD could work for you. How does CBD help exactly when it comes to Raynaud’s Disease? 

CBD helps in 3 ways. Firstly CBD relieves stress. CBD is known to treat depression and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are a major cause of Raynaud’s. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6326553/

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CBD relieves stress

CBD works along with the endocannabinoid system. The ECS system is a biological system that is composed of endocannabinoids which are neurotransmitters that attach to cannabinoid receptors that are expressed throughout the nervous system and this includes the brain. 

It’s interesting to note that CBD restricts an enzyme called FAAH and this in turn leads to a break down of an endocannabinoid called anandamide, which helps to lower stress. CBD also stimulates serotonin, and serotonin helps people manage moods and stress.

CBD acts as a Vasodilator

CBD is a natural vasodilator. This means that it opens blood vessels. A study was done in 2017 which was published by the American Society for Clinical Investigation, that shows how CBD lowers blood pressure.

( https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5470879/)

This in turn helps increase blood flow to the extremities, by opening the blood vessels and helping with a continuous flow of blood to the fingers and toes.


CBD Relieves pain

There are so many studies that prove how CBD relieves pain. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2503660/) As mentioned earlier CBD works along with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors in our bodies and this helps to relieve chronic pain. CBD oil is also used as an anti-inflammatory which will help relieve pain.

What is the best way to use CBD for Raynaud’s?

There are a few ways in which you could use CBD to treat Raynaud’s. You could use a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue, or take CBD capsules if you don’t like the taste of the oil. Another option is using ¼ cup of CBD oil in a hot bath, this will then be absorbed through your skin and the warm water will also help with Raynaud’s. 

You can also use a CBD ointment that you can rub into your skin, which will also help with pain relief. When it comes to finding the best way to use CBD for Raynaud’s, you will need to perhaps try each method and see which method works best for you. CBD works differently for people, so try each method and see which works best for you.

What else can help Raynaud’s?

Exercise has also been shown to help with the symptoms of Raynaud’s. For example, when you exercise, blood circulation is increased. Just remember though, to not push yourself. Exercise within your own limits. Sometimes exercise has been shown to actually increase Raynaud’s attacks. 

Vitamin B3, also known as Niacin, has been used to help treat symptoms of Raynaud’s disease. B3 dilates blood vessels which will help with blood flow to your fingers and toes. Ginkgo Biloba can also be used. Studies have shown how Ginkgo Balboa acts similarly to calcium channel blockers such as Nifedipine. The study was published in Clinical Rheumatology. Nifedipine still worked the best in the study but Ginkgo Biloba also seemed to help.

Another way to reduce the number of attacks is to cut out caffeine. So ditch that morning cuppa joe. You could also wear gloves or use mini hand warmers, which can help to keep your hands and fingers warm. If you are a smoker, try to quit. This will also help reduce the amounts of attacks that you experience. 

Raynaud’s can be really uncomfortable to live with. But luckily, there are positive ways to treat the disease. By using a pure, high potency CBD oil, along with a healthy lifestyle, you can manage this disease effectively.