CBD Products for Absolutely Everything You Do In a Day

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Description: Many people are turning towards CBD products these days because they have been proven to do so much for the body, from treating ailments to reducing anxiety. This guide looks at some brilliant CBD products.

Look around you and you’ll notice how many devotees there are towards CBD products. Famous celebrities, popular Instagram influencers and everyone in between are talking about how CBD can do wonders for the body. All sorts of companies are jumping on the bandwagon, bringing up new and exciting products with cannabidiol in it, from infused toothpicks to CBD beer and even suppositories.

What’s It All About?

CBD oil benefits come from the cannabis plant which contains two compounds: THC, delivering a psychoactive high feeling, and CBD which is not psychoactive. You can also find both of these in hemp, however, hemp plants usually contain a much lower concentration of THC, around 0.2%. Not everyone is convinced, for instance, there are many federal laws which bar these products from being sold in certain regions, but many places in the world have embraced them and the number of countries is growing as they realize the evidence base.

The hype is real and a lot of studies have been conducted linking CBD ingestion to helping relieve sleep issues, anxiety, pain and even treat debilitating diseases such as Parkinson’s and epilepsy. It’s really quite remarkable and there are a lot of reasons to get excited!

We wouldn’t’ recommend that you try all of these in one sitting, however, if you were to, you’d likely not run into any problems. The good thing is that the body can tolerate a high quantity of CBD, up to 1500mg. Most of the lifestyle products you see online or in-store contain between 5 to 20mg of the stuff. So what are CBD products that provide results? If you’re wondering what works wonders, we’ve done the hard work for you and have tracked down a series of products.

Hot Coffee

Wakey wakey, why don’t you have some CBD coffee in the morning? The market for coffee is constantly expanding but who knew it would go in this direction? It’s possible to purchase some beans that are infused with CBD oil, usually coming from the hemp plant. These beans can do wonders for offsetting anxiety without compromising on the caffeine hit you get. When we tried them we noticed that really helped our office staff mellow out and have an awesome start to the day!

Full Strength Oil

For those that are struggling with anxiety, this can be a great product to take. The full-strength varieties of oil usually fall under the 25mg concentration mark and all that’s needed is to take a drop of this and place it under your tongue. It will very easily absorb into your bloodstream and you’ll get relief very quickly. CBD oil for anxiety is best to take in the full strength camp to ensure that relief is definitely provided.

Tasty Chocolate

When you’re taking CBD chocolate, independent research from companies such as CBD Healthy Line has found that it usually takes around an hour for the active ingredient to kick in, so do try and plan ahead. We’re surprised by just how easy companies have been able to mask any hemp or cannabis taste – they really taste great! Also as an added bonus, many are being produced with no artificial sweeteners so you won’t be putting on pounds munching on them.

Delicious Gummies

Ever heard of CBD gummy bears? Yep, they’re a thing. What a cool way of getting your daily dose of oil in! If you look online, you’ll find a number of different flavors and varieties. They’ll typically cost you around $15-20 for ten with an average dose of 10mg per piece of candy.

CBD Water

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Wondering about how to take CBD oil? It can be drunk in infused sparkling water. All sorts of flavors are available, including some very palatable combinations: ginger and lemongrass, kiwi and strawberry, forest fruit – the list are seemingly endless. We found that an average, you can expect a 12-ounce bottle costing $16 to contain around 20 mg.

Recovery Protein Powder

There are so many ways to use CBD oil for exercise. CBD combines with the endocannabinoid system in the body to provide relief in terms of reducing inflammation in the body. When athletes are out training, they’re damaging their bodies and require recovery time to help their muscles heal. CBD protein powder helps the recovery process by reducing the amount of inflammation. You’ll see several products out there, even one created by an ex-Tour de France cyclist, Floyd Landis. For best results, try to ingest it within a 60 minute time window after your workout is complete.

Topical Cream

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CBD oil for pain relief works wonders. For those of you that have sore muscles that need soothing, topical creams are widely available. Whether or not the active ingredient actually penetrates its way down to the muscle is debated currently and more research needs to be done, but many people have reported that these products help them recover from muscular pain. Add a price of $50on average per bottle, it’s not cheap, but it is all-natural.

Energy Bars

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There are all sorts of great flavored bars that you can pick up online to stay fuelled up when you are engaging in exercise or on a hike. The good thing about CBD oil energy bars is that they can relieve the body of aches and pain. Receptors in the endocannabinoid system our activated provide the body with pain relief. We found that a lot of these bars also contain brilliant ingredients with nutrition at the forefront. Just because you’ve got the CBD in, doesn’t mean you would want any less nutrition, right?

CBD Cocktail Kits

Just when you think you’ve heard them all, it is now possible to create a delicious cocktail using a CBD-based kit. One of these will contain different mixers to combine with alcohol. Whether or not this works wonders, were not so sure, but it is intriguing. Even though CBD can actually help protect the liver against damage from alcohol, we would advise not to go overboard with these drinks, especially as CBD can make you feel more relaxed. The nature of barbiturates such as alcohol is that they can cause you to feel more sleepy, so you wouldn’t want to be over the top relaxed.

So Many Cool CBD Products


Could you believe that there are so many interesting CBD products out there? It is simply remarkable how much companies are getting involved to bring this natural product into the lives of ordinary consumers. Remember, the industry is still widely unregulated in certain countries, so do your research before purchasing any products. All the best!

In your opinion, what is CBD useful for? Have you ever used any CBD related products? We’d love to hear about your experiences. Tell us in the comments section below.


Author’s Bio: R. Hudson is all about clean, healthy living. She has a strong background in nutrition and has worked with some of the leading nutrition supplement companies in the UK. If you ask her about what is CBD oil good for, she’d certainly be able to tell you. In her spare time, Hudson enjoys reading Japanese literature.