CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets Review

CBDfx for pets

CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets has been great for my dogs. I have a black lab and a little Yorkie and they are both getting up there in age and are both showing it in different ways. So far CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets has worked for both of them.

CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets comes in three different concentrations for different size dogs. There is a 150mg concentration for small breeds (20lbs or less), a 300mg concentration for medium breeds (20lbs-60lbs) and a 600mg concentration for large breeds (60lbs and up).

I use the small and large breed formulas but all 3 formulas contain the same ingredients which are essentially just hemp, CBD and coconut oil. I give my lab her drops directly into her mouth but the Yorkie is fussier so I just drop it into her food. Both application methods are effective as far as I can tell.

All three concentrations feature full-spectrum CBD and hemp that has been extracted using the CO2 extraction method. I have found that CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets has been very effective for what my pets need it for so I’d like to go into more detail about what those needs are.

Relief from Arthritic Pain

Anyone considering CBD oil for their dogs – especially if your needs include relief from arthritis pain – can benefit from CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets. My lab has hip dysplasia and it can be painful for her to walk long distances but she needs to in order to stay in shape.

I give her about 6 drops of CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets every day and she experiences no pain even on long walks. I used to be able to tell when she had enough because her gait would get awkward and her pace would slow down. After giving her CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets she doesn’t do any of that any more.

Again I use the large breed concentration for my black lab and I can walk her as much now as I did when she was a year old.

I appreciate the fact that CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets contains coconut oil which may seem out of place in this kind of product but was a stroke of genius on the part of the manufacturers because coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and fatty acids are great for keeping joints healthy and fluid.

My lab has benefitted tremendously from CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets as she can walk and run like she used to without the irritation.

Anxiety Relief

Yorkie’s can be very nervous and temperamental and mine fits the bill to a tee. She tends to bark a lot when things change around her. 4th of July just passed which was a date that I dreaded because fireworks would be going off and my Yorkie would bark her head off.

This past 4th of July was a true testament to the efficacy of CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets because it calmed my Yorkie down to the point where she hardly even barked at all even when loud fireworks were booming nearby.

It didn’t simply knock her out either. She was awake, alert but calm at the same time. The 4th and any time there was cause for loud noise would make her very anxious and cause her to bark too much but I feel that CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets has mellowed her out a lot.

And that does not mean I am getting my dogs high. CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets is non-psychoactive and their behavior when they take it is pretty standard save for the lowered anxiety.


  • Features a 100% organic formula
  • Contains amino acids and terpenes
  • Uses the superior CO2 extraction method
  • Is 3rd party tested
  • The hemp CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets is sourced from is free of pesticides
  • Friendly customer service and support


  • Applicator can be difficult if you are putting it straight in your dog’s mouth
  • The large breed concentration is rather expensive at $89.99 a bottle
  • May increase your pet’s appetite
  • Your pet’s may not like the taste

At the End of the Day…

When all is said and done I use CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets because it is exceptionally effective for what I need it for: my lab’s hip dysplasia and my Yorkie’s anxiety. It doesn’t dose my dogs and I am seeing the long-term benefits for both of them.

The applicator trickiness can be negated by just putting the oil in your dog’s food and while I wish the price for the large breed version were a bit lower, a single bottle lasts me for almost 5 months so I don’t see either of these drawbacks as reason to not use and recommend this product.

I feel that my dogs are healthier and happier as a direct result of using CBDfx CBD Oil for Pets so I strongly urge loving and concerned pet owners to try it out.