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When you order CBDfx Softgel capsules, you will receive 30 odourless softgel capsules with 25mg of full spectrum cbd oil in each giving a total of 750mg for about $60 which is not too bad considering the quality of the product. If you take 1 a day it is a perfect way to take your daily allowance of cbd with no fuss, no mess and no strong taste as in common with many cbd oils. CBDfx Softgel capsules are held in high account by many and you can see it is a quality product with over 250 5 Star reviews on the CBDfx website at the time of writing this review.

Who Are CBDfx?

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We have written a full article covering CBDfx in detail and you can check that out here. For the purposes of this article we will briefly cover the company. CBDfx is based in California and it produced premium quality full spectrum CBD products with free shipping to all 50 states. Not only that but they also deliver to many other countries. CBDfx came to prominence in 2012 as the CBD industry took off all around them. CBDfx main sales channel is online but they are present in a vast number of shops all around the countries. They have a large product with quality in every product and they have solid customer support. The Full Spectrum CBD oil is vegan friendly and produced cruelty free.

Reviewing The CBDfx Soft gel capsules

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The softgels each contain 25mg of fully organic cbd oil and that is the intended dose, 1 tablet a day. If you are bigger or have a tolerance, then you may need 2 capsules per day which can become an added expense but it is always better to chose a product you know will be effective. There is no real taste or smell from the capsules and they also mixed with MCT oil to give a synergistic effect. MCT oil (medium-chain triglyceride oil) contains plenty of healthy fats that your body thrives on and is usually extracted from coconut oil. The CBD and MCT combine perfectly to get the desired effects from the capsules.


The product contains the following ingredients: Hemp Oil 125mg, MCT Oil, CBD Oil 25mg and Gelatin for the shell.

The capsules come in a kid safe glass jar, have no odour and have no taste. They don’t leave a residue in your mouth like other brands are known to do. The capsules take around 1.5 to 2 hours to kick in and you should feel an initial calming and relaxation. Having taken 2 capsules a day for over a month I found that I am sleeping well, my stress and anxiety have improved in a good way.


As we have mentioned CBDfx offer free shipping to all 50 states which is impressive and something that not a lot of their competitors offer. They also ship to many other countries so check out their website if you want to see whether they ship to your country.

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Customer Support

CBDfx does a great job with customer support. You can reach them on a variety of different platforms. You can call, email or get in touch with them on livechat on their websites. They are easily to reach on all channels and the staff were knowledgeable and eager to assist.

Pros Of The Product

Quality Full Spectrum CBD oil

25mg in each capsule for easy dosing

MCT Oil for Added Benefit

Vegan And Cruelty Free

Free Shipping In USA

Great Variety Of Products And Bundles

Quality Product With Great Customer Support


Can be expensive if you go over daily dose

Bottles can be difficult to open with child safety feature

Would we recommend it?

We would have no problem recommending this product and if you are in the market for effective cbd softgel capsules you won’t go wrong with these. The oil is organic and full spectrum cbd oil from Kentucky in the USA. Having tried the product for 30 days I found it to be quite effective as did the many others who reviewed it online. CDFfx are a great company with some great products so check their site out today.

What Will CBDfx Softgels help with?

Pain Relief:

CBD oil works wonders for pain in the joints and muscles including chronic pain and cbdfx can offer the same relief if not better than almost any hemp oil or cbd company out there. If you are looking to try a few products to ease you pain, then consider giving the cbdfx softgels a try.


Anxiety is a common problem that almost everyone feels at some time in their lives. CBDfx softgels can be taken discreetly once daily with zero fuss and the calming effects can be a big benefit to taking cbd regularly.


CBD has been known to be great for getting some shut eye and you can time your cbdfx capsule supplementation to coincide with when you are going to bed. Take it two hours before bed time every day and it should do the trick. A great nights sleep was one of the best benefits I got from using the soft gels.

CBDfx provides plenty of other benefits including stress relief and improving your mood. Check out the CBDfx website today and pick up some softgel capsules for yourself.

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