CbdMD vs CBDfx – Which One Should I Buy?

CBDmd Tinctures

Are you thinking about trying CBD but are unsure about which brand to try? Have you heard about the fact that there are some unscrupulous CBD companies around and are keen to make sure that you are buying the best quality products possible – for your unique circumstances?

It can be difficult to know which CBD products to try – especially if you are taking them for different reasons, and that’s why we’re here to help. Today we are going to compare two well-known, well-loved and popular CBD brands – cbdMD and CBDfx to help you to decide which is best for you…

CbdMD Review

CBDmd Hemp Oil

CbdMD pride themselves on providing great quality CBD, using the most up-to-date techniques, giving a natural and effective product. They use non-GMO, broad spectrum, thc free hemp which is produced under the strict regulations in the USA, using the CO2 extraction method and their CBD products are ideal for athletes and active people. They sponsor many elite athletes including Bubba Watson in golf.

Having said that, cbdMD’s products are suitable for any person – and many animals – most mammals have an endocannabinoid system similar to humans, meaning that CBD can be beneficial to them as well.

CbdMD Product Range

CBDmd Product Range


The cbdMD product range is wide, including:

  • CBD oil tinctures (Natural, Berry, Orange and Mint flavours, of differing strengths including 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg, 7500mg, 3000mg or 5000mg)
  • CBD gummies (300mg and 750mg strengths)
  • CBD topicals (Freeze roller or squeeze 300mg, 750mg or 1500mg, inflammation formula tub or squeeze 300mg, 750mg or 1500mg, moisturising lotion 300mg, 750mg and 1500mg)
  • CBD capsules (strengths 450mg, 1000mg, 1500mg and 3000mg)
  • CBD sleep-aids (Mint flavoured, 500mg)
  • CBD pet products (tinctures, pet treats, calming CBD oil, chews, peanut butter and topicals)
  • CBD bath bombs (Lavender, Eucalyptus, Frankincense and Therapeutic scents)

CbdMD places a strong emphasis on CBD topicals which are excellent for athletes, those with joint pain and skin complaints, as well as a wide range of CBD products that are aimed at pets.

CbdMD Pricing

CBDmd Rejuvenation Bundle

The cbdMD product range is priced very reasonably in comparison to the rest of the CBD market. Their CBD oil is priced as follows:

  • 30ml bottle total 300mg $29.99
  • 30ml bottle total 750mg $69.99
  • 30ml bottle total 1500mg $99.99
  • 30ml bottle total 3000mg $149.99
  • 30ml bottle total 5000mg £239.99
  • 30ml bottle total 7500mg $339.99
  • 60ml bottle total 1000mg $74.99
  • 60ml bottle total 1500mg $99.99

The cbdMD capsules are prices as follows:

CBDmd Capsules 2

  • Bottle of 30 total 450mg $35.99
  • Bottle of 30 total 1000mg $75.99
  • Bottle of 30 total 1500mg $99.99
  • Bottle of 60 total 1000mg $75.99
  • Bottle of 60 total 1500mg $99.99
  • Bottle of 60 total 3000mg $149.99

There are, however, often special coupons and deals available to get money off, which can usually be found online.

CbdMD offers a 30% discount to all current and retired members of the United States Armed Forces and a 40% discount for all who are legally deemed to be disabled.

CbdMD Shipping, Returns and Customer Service


CbdMD offers free shipping within the USA (usually within two and five business days) and a 30-day money-back guarantee. They have a customer service phone line and email address. They are happy to provide third-party lab testing certificates for their CBD and have created their cbdMD Nation – a collection of athletes who associate themselves with the brand.

The cbdMD Nation athletes include over 40 top athletes who use cbdMD products, including American football players, professional skateboarders, rallycross drivers, surfers, beach volleyball players and athletes. More information can be found about cbdMD Nation on their website.

Although the cbdMD range is very extensive, they seem to be specially focussed on athletes and people with active lifestyles. Their products include an extensive range of different topicals as well as a wide range of products for pets to help keep both you and your pet happy and in good health.

CBDfx Review

CBDfx also offers a very wide range of over 50 CBD products – including full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate. They are proud to explain that they only use organic, CO2 extracted US hemp and place themselves at the forefront of creating new CBD products using the latest understandings about CBD and state of the art technology.

CBDfx is known for creating new and interesting flavours and keeping their fingers on the pulse of new trends in the CBD market. Their products are especially aimed at young and trendy people although they are absolutely suitable for people of any age and with any necessity!

CBDfx Product Range

CBDfx CBD Gummies

The CBDfx product range is one of the largest out there. Here you can find something for everyone, and they are continually adding new products to their portfolio.

Their range includes:

  • CBD vape juice (Blue Raspberry, Fruity Cereal, Rainbow Candy, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Milk, Wild Watermelon, Fruit Smoothie, Strawberry Taffy, Strawberry Jelly Donut flavours – 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg strengths)
  • CBD terpenes oil (Gelato, OG Kush, Pineapple Express, Platinum Rose flavours – 250mg strength)
  • CBD vape oil additives (strengths 60mg, 120mg, 300mg, 500mg)
  • CBD vape kits and one-use pens
  • CBD gummies (including gummies with melatonin – for sleep help and gummies with turmeric and spirulina for general well-ness – strengths 200mg and 750mg)
  • CBD tinctures (Blueberry Pineapple Lemon, Lemon Lime Mint, Lychee Lemon Kiwi flavours – 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg strengths)
  • CBD capsules (200mg and 750mg strengths)
  • CBD topicals (balms – 50mg, face masks – 20mg, face cleanser, massage oil, face oil serum)
  • CBD wax
  • CBD oil for pets (300mg and 600mg strengths)
  • CBD drinks (Berry Chill shot and Lemonade Chill shot – 20mg strength)
  • CBD sublingual strips (strengths 15mg and 25mg)

The CBDfx range is more extensive than cbdMD in terms of product type, however, cbdMD has more of a range within the different types of delivery method.

CBDfx Pricing

CBDfx Snooze Bundles

CBDfx focuses on giving the best quality, natural CBD products with innovative flavours and taking into account the latest trends in the world of CBD. Their pricing is comparative to cbdMD’s.

The pricing for CBD oil is as follows:

  • 30ml bottle total 500mg $59.99
  • 30ml bottle total 1000mg $99.99
  • 30ml bottle total 1500mf $119.99

And for CBD capsules

  • Pouch of 8 capsules total 200mg $19.99
  • Bottle of 30 capsules total 750mg $59.99

CBDfx also offers coupons and discounts on the internet, as well as a number of bundles whereby customers can buy multiple products meaning that you get them for a lower price overall.

They also offer a 20% discount to verified active duty, veterans and dependents of the military and first responders such as Police, Fire and EMT.

CBDfx Shipping, Returns and Customer Service


CBDfx offers free shipping on all orders in the USA as well as a 30-day refund policy from the date of the order. Shipping can take between one and ten business days, depending on your shipping preferences in the USA, and CBDfx also ships internationally (but customs, taxes and entry requirements must be taken into account).

They also offer a telephone line and contact email address, and third-party lab testing results for each product can be downloaded from their website.

Although the returns and customer services which are offered by both CBDfx and cbdMD are standard, neither are particularly exceptional. It should be noted, however, that if you are buying directly from the company, only CBDfx will ship products outside of the USA at the moment.

The CBDfx website also contains a lot more information about CBD in general, news and advice for people who are looking to use CBD compared to the cbdMD website.

CbdMD Pros and Cons

CBDmd Tintures


  • Wide range of CBD strengths
  • Excellent range of topicals especially for athletes
  • Excellent range of products for pets
  • Discounts available for the military and disabled
  • CBD bundles available – for a holistic approach and less expensive price
  • A high number of athletes who have endorsed cbdMD
  • Third-party lab testing certificates available
  • Quick shipping time


  • Only broad spectrum hemp used
  • Not organic
  • No emergency responder discount
  • At the moment don’t ship outside of the USA


CBDfx Pros and Cons



  • Massive range of CBD products
  • Products made from organic hemp
  • Discounts available for military and emergency responders
  • Wide range of CBD product bundles
  • New and interesting flavours and delivery methods
  • Full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate available
  • Third-party lab testing certificates available
  • Lots of extra information on the website
  • International shipping


  • Less of a range of CBD strengths available
  • No discount for disabled
  • Pet range not very extensive
  • Shipping time potentially a little longer

Choosing between cbdMD and CBDfx can be a tricky decision but the reality is that they offer different things to different people. Depending on what your specific needs are you can choose the best products for you between the two. Both brands are similar in terms of pricing, customer service and shipping (although if you live outside of the USA, getting cbdMD might be more difficult).

CBDmd is broad spectrum, meaning that it doesn’t contain any THC while CBDfx has under .3% THC. If you are an athlete or are worried about drug tests go with CBDmd and if you have a more serious issue, the thc in CBDfx should help to alleviate that better.

The main difference between cbdMD and CBDfx is in the products that they offer. For more of a choice of CBD strengths, pet products and CBD topicals – especially great for athletes and those who are active – cbdMD is for you.

If, however, you are looking for a wider range of CBD products, new and interesting flavours and ideas, vape juice, wax, sublingual strips or drinks, then CBDfx is the right one for you.

Regardless of what you are looking for in a CBD product, you should make sure that you get it from a reliable source, and both of these brands offer third-party lab testing certificates, ensuring that you are getting legitimate hemp that does what it says on the tin. So, why not give one of these two brands a go and see what they can do for you?



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