CBDPure Soft Gels 750mg Review Is It Any Good?

 CBDPure Softgel Review

CBDPure Soft gel capsules have been in high demand in the US market for quite sometime. They are a quality chemical, pesticide and GMO free full spectrum CBD capsule that is very effective for a range of ailments including pain, sleep, anxiety, inflammation and stress. 1 potent capsule contains 25mg of quality CBD and that is enough for the day. CBDpure softgels come in a tub of 30 for around $100 with discounts available. These softgels are only available in the US and contain under .03% THC. The company offers a 90 day money back guarantee and we would recommend to try these products risk free. Having tried the product myself, I can attest to the effectiveness of them which you should see fully within 7 days.


If you are new to CBD, you may not know about the various ways that the CBD oil can be ingested. CBD can be taken in many forms including CBD oil, edibles, drinks, vape or even the flower itself.

CBD Soft gels are a winner for many people looking to get the correct dosage every day in an easy and efficient manner. By knowing the CBD content of each capsule you can easily plan to get your dose conveniently throughout the day. The other advantage of soft gel capsules is that often harsh taste will be avoided by swallowing it in soft gel form.

CBD Pure Company Review

CBD Pure have exploded on the scene in the last couple of years and there are a few reasons why the company is so popular.

The hemp is sourced from some of the best farms in Colorado and the Soft gels contain only two ingredients. The finest chemical free CBD which is grown under strict regulations in Colorado and organic hemp oil which is of the highest quality. CBD Pure products contain no chemicals, no pesticides and no GMO.

The full spectrum CBD oil is extracted from the plant in a chemical free, C02 extraction which is completely free of any chemical solvents and is widely known as the best extraction method for Hemp and CBD.

CBD Pure Softgels

The CBD Pure Soft gel bottle contains 30 capsules each containing 25mg of quality CBD. The bottle contains 7500mg and the product is aimed at people who are likely to need a larger dose of CBD.

What To Expect

CBD Pure offer a quality shipping service anywhere in the US. Their CBD is guaranteed to contain less .03% THC so you can be sure that it is legal anywhere in the states. CBD Pure Softgel Capsules order and delivery is smooth from the get go carrying on the quality name of the company. It comes in a brown bottle with a white label on the front as expected and when you the bottle the smell with not be too strong. The capsules are quite soft and they are oily to touch. The capsules can be swallowed with or without water depending on preference and convenience.


The Effects

You can expect the softgels to work within about 2 hours and the effects will be relief from pain and a calming of the mind. The gels are quite strong so you should definitely notice them taking effect within a couple of hours. Indeed, the product is designed for those who want a large dose of CBD in one capsule. You may need to give the product

Dosage & Price

The cost for 1 bottle in $99.99 and that contains 30 capsules. The company offers a slight discount if you buy 3 months supply at the same time ($249.99). If you are a bigger person or have atolerance built up to CBD you may need 2 bottles per month and the cost of this can be quite high at $200 +. You are going to get what you pay for here so if you want a quality product to deal with pain, anxiety or stress this is definitely a good one to choose.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are thinking about buying CBDPure softgels but are still on the fence, here is another amazing incentive. The company offers a 90 day money back guarantee on any of the products. Try the products risk free and you don’t like the product or feel it is ineffective, you can always ship it back and get a full refund. That is how confident the company is that this is a quality product.


CBD is only available in The USA. Due to strict laws in Europe and restrictions, the product can not be shipped there currently. The EU’s THC limit is .02% as opposed to .03% in the US and that may be a stumbling block.

Shipping in the USA


The only three states where CBD Pure is not available is Kansas, Arkansas and Louisiana. You should have hassle free shipping to any other state in America.


Customer Support


CBD Pure have a live chat on their website and this is probably the best place to get them.  There is also a Facebook chat option where you may not get them easily or you can email support@cbdpure.com and they should be quite responsive.


Can I take CBDPure Softgels and pass a drug test?


THC is the compound that will force you to fail a drugs test and CBD Pure is not THC free so you do need to be careful. By including THC in the product it can make it more effective. The farm bill introduced by President Trump allows any plant with less .03% THC to be classed as Hemp so the product is definitely legal in all 50 states.

In regards to drug test, the expert say that you would need to take a large amount of the product to fail a test. Taking the recommended dose will leave you fine for a drugs test but if you are taking a higher does or want to try a THC free product, you should try Joy Organics who also have some fantastic CBD products.


  • No Chemicals, Pesticides, GMO or Solvents
  • C02 Extraction Method
  • Large 25mg dose of Quality THC per soft gel.
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Organically Grown Colorado Hemp


  • It can be quite expensive if you need to take more than the daily dose
  • No shipping outside The US