CBD Edibles

Definitive Guide to Hemp & CBD Edibles

When most people think about CBD edibles, often the first thing that springs to mind is that legendary batch of hash cakes that someone baked in their teenage years. Although you probably got a good dose of CBD – and THC to boot – this isn’t quite the effect that most people want from their CBD edibles.

Edibles have moved on. They are no longer brimming with THC. They come in an array of forms. They are legal in a lot of places and can be bought in shops. In fact, CBD edibles have very little in common with those hash brownies that you tried with your friends when you were younger.

CBD edibles are all the rage. We are seeing more and more edibles coming into the market in increasingly imaginative ways, and even cannabis restaurants opening up as the world’s love affair with the plant grows. According to BDS Analytics, the broad CBD edibles market grew by 36%, and high end CBD edibles grew by a staggering 110% last year.

The Difference Between CBD Edibles and Hash Cakes

One of the biggest differences between the old-fashioned hash cake and CBD edibles is what’s in them.

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the compounds or cannabinoids which is found in the Cannabis plant. It can be extremely beneficial to our general health and well-being, and scientists are very excited about its medicinal potential. You can get a better understanding of how CBD can benefit people by watching this video.

Importantly, although CBD can have a positive effect on the human brain, it won’t make you high.

THC (or Tetrahydrocannabinol) on the other hand, is another cannabinoid in the Cannabis plant. Although THC also has great potential for medicinal purposes, as explained by Cannabis experts, Leafly, it is also the compound in marijuana that makes you feel high. It is THC which is illegal in a lot of places (although not all). But what is important, is that CBD edibles don’t usually contain THC.

Over the years, some strains of the cannabis family have been specifically cultivated to contain very low levels of THC. This is called industrial hemp and, with THC levels of under 0.2%, it is legal in Europe, the USA and many other counties around the world. Most CBD edibles are made from industrial hemp, but of course, it is important to check your local laws before you go buying them.

What are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles have given people who want to take CBD an increasing number of options of how to take it. They are usually made from industrial hemp, meaning that the levels of THC are very low or none at all. Of course, it is worth remembering that in places where THC is legal, you might be able to find CBD edibles which do contain THC.

It is possible to make your own CBD edibles, but there are also now many out there and available to buy. Whether you enjoy having something to chew, chocolate or drinking tea, there are many ways that you can get your dose of CBD.

So, if you’re thinking about trying out some CBD edibles, here is everything that you should know before trying them.

A great way to consume CBD

Consuming CBD through edibles is becoming increasingly popular and offers you options that you don’t have with other delivery methods. It can be more discreet than smoking, taste nicer than drops and give you absolute control over your dosage.

People take CBD for a number of reasons. For some people it is to help to keep them healthy and feeling well, other people take it to help them feel calmer, or others to take the edge of pain.

There are a number of ways to consume CBD – most commonly through vaporising through a vape pen, under the tongue drops or sprays, capsules or eating a CBD edible. There is no right or wrong way to take CBD, but for many people, CBD edibles are their preferred method for different reasons.

More social than vaping

Although vaping isn’t bad for your health like smoking there is still a stigma to it and there are still situations where you cannot or would rather not ‘smoke’. CBD edibles offer a good alternative to vaping.

Some people would prefer not to inhale vapour or do something that resembles smoking just because they don’t like or because they have respiratory issues. Vaping produces, well, vapour which can draw attention to you, which is also a problem for some people. CBD edibles are much more discreet as you can just pop it in and start munching.

Another problem with vaping is that there are many places where vaping isn’t allowed. This means that you will have to go outside to get your CBD. Not so with edibles – you can chew on a CBD gummy wherever you are, whenever you want.

Tastier than drops

Anyone who has tried under the tongue CBD drops can testify that they have a unique and distinct taste. Although sub-lingual drops are a very effective way to consume CBD, the taste can be off-putting.

A lot of people who have tried sublingual drops or spray find the earthy, ‘green’ taste of the hemp extract unpleasant. Although a lot of them persevere, knowing that it is doing them good, why put up with it when you don’t have to?

CBD edibles can be just as effective as under the tongue drops, whilst being more pleasant to take. With CBD edibles the taste of CBD is completely covered by the other ingredients, so whether you want to chew some CBD chewing gum, munch on a CBD protein bar or sup on a CBD coffee, edibles are a good alternative to drops or sprays.

Easy to Swallow

Some people have trouble with or don’t like swallowing large tablets or capsules for whatever reason. By eating CBD edibles, a lot of people find it much easier to ingest their CBD.

It can be difficult for some people to swallow pills or capsules for a number of reasons. Edibles allow you to ‘eat’ the CBD as opposed to gulp it down, meaning that it can be easier for these people to take.

Sometimes you might be out of the house and somewhere that you can’t find a drink to take your capsules with. And we all know how difficult it is to take pills without any water. So, by having your CBD in an edible form, you can have it on hand for a top up of your CBD wherever you are.

CBD Edibles give a Longer Lasting Effect

Generally, CBD edibles are swallowed, and the CBD enters the bloodstream through the digestive system. Although this takes a bit longer to come into effect than some other delivery methods, it can stay in your system for longer.

Unless you are chewing on CBD gum or sucking on a CBD lolly, when you eat a CBD edible, it passes through the digestive system in what’s known as gastrointestinal intake. Unlike vaping or absorption through the gums which have a very quick effect, the CBD from edibles which are eaten can take between one and two hours to take effect.

The effect of edibles will also stay in your blood stream for longer, and so last for more time than CBD which has been taken by other methods. The CBD from edibles will usually last for up to around eight hours.

CBD Edibles can be Calming

Although CBD cannot be officially prescribed for people who suffer from anxiety, there are a lot of people who say that it helps them to stay calm. CBD edibles mean that you can take your CBD discreetly throughout the day or when it is needed.

Scientists report that CBD has anxiolytic properties, which means that it can be used to reduce anxiety and make people calmer. Some people struggle with anxiety from the moment that they wake up until when they go to bed, and others get more anxious in certain situations.

CBD edibles can be taken whenever or wherever you need a top up of CBD, without anyone knowing. This means that you can take it when you wake up, or if you find yourself in a stressful situation which you are finding it difficult to cope with.

CBD Edibles can help with Pain Relief

There is significant evidence from scientists and pain sufferers alike that CBD can help with pain relief. This is through its interaction with the endocannabinoid system as well as its anti-inflammatory properties.

In a similar way to anxiety, people can suffer from pain around the clock, or at specific times. CBD edibles can be taken when you wake up, lasting all day, or at times when you need it the most. You can carry your edibles around and take them whenever you need them, without drawing attention to yourself.

Doctors are very excited about the potential that CBD and other cannabinoids have for pain relief and CBD edibles can be useful in getting the pain relief that you need whenever your body calls for it.

Getting your CBD Dosage Right

It can be difficult to know how much CBD to take, and it can be a bit tricky to adjust dosages with edibles. The packaging should be labelled with precisely how much CBD is included win each edible, meaning that you should be able to calculate the right dosage.

If you know how much CBD you want to be taking, getting the right dosage from CBD edibles is easy. The packaging should tell you exact CBD levels, so you just need to calculate how much of each edible you want to take and start munching.

Edibles should be consistent, meaning that each edible will have the same amount of CBD as the next. Because of the way that it is metabolised, CBD can be more potent when it is eaten compared to other delivery methods, so it is important that you start erring on the lower side if you are not certain to your exact dosage.

It is important to remember that everybody is different and a dosage for one person isn’t going to be same as another. How much and what you have eaten will also have an impact on the amount of CBD that you need.

CBD Edibles give you Exact Dosage and No Wastage

Two of the main benefits to consuming CBD edibles is that you will know exactly how much CBD you have taken, and unlike some other delivery methods, you will get no wastage – unless you don’t eat the whole thing.

Unlike trying to count the number of drops or note how much you have vaped CBD edibles will give you an exact dosage of how much you are taking. In the same way as you understand the dosage in a tablet, the food’s packaging will let you know how much CBD is included. It is therefore important to eat the number of edibles which corresponds to the dosage that you need.

Wastage is another problem for many people who take CBD. By taking edibles, you will use up all of the product, without wasting any.

CBD Edibles have no Long-Term Side Effects

One of the best things about taking CBD is that it is impossible to overdose on and they have only very mild side effects for some people. Even if it is taken in very high doses, the side effects that you might suffer are minimal.

Although you cannot overdose on CBD as such, it can give you some low-key side effects, including fatigue, change in appetite, dizziness and diarrhoea. Compared to chemical medications, however, these are very mild and short-term – as found in a study of CBD side effects by Kerstin Iffland and Franjo Grotenhermen.

This is why it’s important to start off with low doses and gradually increase them until you get to your perfect amount of CBD.

There is a wide range of CBD Edibles to suit everyone’s preferences

As the general public are showing more and more interest in CBD edibles, we are seeing an increasing variety of edibles available.

One of the benefits to taking edibles is that there is a lot of choice and you can choose whichever you prefer. But here are some of the CBD edibles community favourites:

Delicious CBD Gummies

CBD Edible gummies are amongst the most common of edibles. They are chewy sweets which can be found in a range of different strengths and are made by many CBD producers.

Edible CBD gummies are easy to get hold of, competitively priced and an easy and discreet way to consume your CBD. They can be found in an array of different flavours (all, we can safely say have a better flavour than hemp!) but you should check the other ingredients, especially if you are vegetarian, vegan or diabetic.

Are CBD Gummies Safe?

An October 25, 2018 article by Canada Newswires confirms their safety, so even your grandpa can use CBD gummies as “….an excellent way to introduce CBD to an older demographic that is typically wary of cannabis products” (https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/10/25/1626999/0/en/Integrated-Cannabis-Company-Inc-Enters-into-Licensing-Agreement-for-Cannabidiol-CBD-Gummy-Formulation.html). With all the toxic news, political chaos, natural disasters, and stresses of life, why not try CBD Gummies as your personal eye candy?

Luscious CBD Chocolate

CBD chocolate is a trendy and every changing phenomenon with producers continually coming up with something new. It is easy to dose, especially when it is split into small chocolates, and almost always delicious – I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate?

CBD infused chocolate is becoming a firm favourite amongst CBD edibles fans. There are about as many CBD chocolate products on the market as chocolates themselves, but we all have our favourites. Whether you prefer white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate or truffles, there is CBD chocolate to suit all tastes.

CBD chocolates are easy to find and cover a wide price range – from every day prices to chic luxury CBD chocolates. If your chocolate is split into portions, it is very easy to use, delicious and discreet – just make sure you hide them away so that they don’t get taken…

Calming CBD Tea

Making CBD tea isn’t as simple as putting a leaf in hot water. It needs to be made to be water soluble, so buying your CBD tea is usually the easier option. There’s nothing like a nice cup of tea and so CBD tea is a great way to relax and unwind.

There are a range of different CBD tea flavours, which have been chemically changed to enable the CBD to be absorbed into the body. Green tea, ginger tea, chamomile tea and mint tea are all common flavours but which one you want to try, when is down to you.

A cup of CBD tea is the perfect way to add some tranquillity and calm when things are getting too much or at the end of a long day – although they are more effective if you drink them shortly after eating something.

Uplifting CBD Coffee

One of the trendiest of the CBD edibles at the moment is CBD coffee. It means that coffee drinkers can get the energy boost from the caffeine but take on the CBD’s calming properties, making it a favourite amongst cosmopolitan café culture.

There are plenty of trendy cafes which are serving CBD coffee to both office workers and gym goers, to give them a caffeine lift but without the jitters. But you don’t need to worry about going out and finding a café to get your CBD.

If you are into your coffee, there is a range of different CBD coffees available, so you have a good choice of which one you prefer to drink. CBD coffees range from rich, intense coffees from all round the world, to refreshing iced CBD coffees which are chilled in more way than one.

Energy Enhancing CBD Drinks

CBD drinks are all the rage at the moment, with different CBD infused beverages coming out every day. CBD is being added to energy drinks to help athletes in the gym, into soft drinks for everyday CBD intake, healthy drinks like kombucha for general well being and even being made into cocktails.

Whatever your reason for taking CBD, there is a drink to match it. Although this might not be as discreet as other edibles, taking CBD this way is quickly becoming less of a taboo.  Make sure that you check the amount of CBD which is included which should be written on the packaging before you take it.

With the increased availability of CBD drinks, you are now increasingly able to buy them whilst you are out and about. This means that you have even more flexibility about where and when you are taking your CBD.

Refreshing CBD Chewing Gum

CBD chewing gum is an excellent, discreet way to get your intake of CBD whilst keeping your breath minty fresh. With CBD chewing gum, you shouldn’t taste even a trace of hemp, and it’s absorbed quickly through the gums and not the digestion system.

Due to the fact that chewing gum isn’t eaten but absorbed through the gums in the mouth (in a similar way to the sub-lingual method), the CBD in chewing gum is absorbed much more quickly than other edibles – as long as you don’t swallow your saliva straight away.

CHD chewing gum is as discreet as chewing any other gum and can be easily carried around in your pocket.

Tasty CBD Protein Bars

CBD protein bars are a firm favourite amongst gym goers and sports enthusiasts. In addition to the health inducing properties of CBD, the protein is also excellent for repairing the muscles after a workout as advised by the British Nutrition Foundation.

Many people munch on a protein bar after a workout to help replace lost energy and repair muscles. CBD is also known to be useful for athletes as it can help with the regulation of blood sugar levels, stamina and looking after the muscles.

It is easy to keep a protein bar in your bag, giving you flexibility over when and where you take it, and you certainly won’t feel out of place tucking into your protein bar after a workout.


For whatever reason you want to take CBD, there are many ways that you can do so. The good thing about edibles compared to some of the other methods is that they can be a pleasant, fun and discreet way to take your CBD.

CBD can be especially useful for people who are suffering from pain and anxiety, taking the edge of things and making life easier, and CBD edibles offer an easy and accurate option. It is also becoming increasingly popular amongst sports people and trendy office workers who see CBD not as a taboo, but a way to get great results both in the gym and at work.

There is a wide range of CBD edibles available today – and a range that keeps on widening as producers find new and more effective ways of getting the CBD into foods, and then enabling it to be absorbed into your system. Some of the CBD edibles of the future include CBD beer, honey and peanut butter. Remember to check the label to find out how much CBD is present in each serving, and to make sure that there is no THC there.

Although there are no adverse side effects to taking CBD edibles, it is important that if you want to start taking CBD, you talk to your doctor first, before trying it, especially if you are taking any medications. This is because CBD can affect the way that your body metabolises medication, meaning that it can change the speed of it becoming effective as well as its potency.

As we look into the future of CBD it appears that edibles are going to play a huge part. By making it easier and more comfortable for people to take, we will be seeing more and more people able to enjoy the benefits that CBD gives them.

When you are choosing which CBD edibles to try, you should be thinking about finding the edible at the right strength for you. After that, the choice is yours to pick whichever looks tastiest to you. Remember, you don’t have to try all of them, but why not give some of them a go and find out which is your favourite?