Does Hemp Smell Bad – What Odours To Expect When Growing Or Processing Hemp

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Hemp has been booming in popularity ever since the farm bill passed in 2018 and it is with good reason, Hemp possess a whole host of Industrial uses and there are a ton of medical benefits associated with marijuana’s friendly cousin.

The question we get a lot is does hemp smell and the answer is that yes it certainly does. Hemp and marijuana are virtually indistinguishable as plants with the only difference being the amount of THC in the plant. Hemp plants are required by law to have under .3% THC but THC is not the part of the plant that is responsible for the smell. The buds of the hemp plant contain terpenes and flavonoids which smell exactly the same as Marijuana in every way and if you don’t know what marijuana smells like, it is a strong and pungent smell that some like and some dislike.

Living Next Door To A Hemp Farm – Does Hemp Smell When It Is Growing?

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A few news stories have been doing the rounds lately about how Hemp Farms in Long Island New York are causing problems for locals who have been having the deal with the smell of the plants which can be quite strong.

It’s funny that I saw another news story where a couple said that there was a smell of Skunk in the air and the reporter but in their article that hemp smells like a ‘Dead Skunk’. Since this was the first result on Google, I had to correct the record with this article.

The couple in the video had said that it was as if their friendly neighbour was smoking skunk which happens to be a famous strain of marijuana and now hemp flower as well.

Hemp definitely smells when it begins to flower and produce those Terpenes and flavonoids that produce the pungent smell and that smell can get even worse when it comes time for harvest and those plants have reached maximum smelling.

Does Hemp Processing Smell?


You bet it does. Cutting down the hemp plants will do little to alleviate the strong smells which it excretes. Also when processing the plant, you will be breaking it down into smaller pieces and this can led to more terpenes filling the air and it will actually smell more than when it was growing.

If you have any experience with Marijuana, you will know the smell I am talking about and it is a notoriously difficult one to mask or hide.

Does Hemp Smell Bad?


Hemp probably smelled bad to the local primary school in New York who called the local authorities because of the strong smell that was coming from a nearby hemp farm but in my opinion, hemp doesn’t smell bad, I actually love the smell of Hemp.

Maybe it is an acquired taste or maybe it is something that you either love or you hate, but I think anyone who has experience of using Hemp flower or Marijuana will not find the smell bad. All crops that grow will have a smell, regular farms have a smell, various crops have distinctive smells and all animals produce smells that are far worse than hemp so it is certainly not on its own in this category.

Hemp strains will have various different smells depending on which Terpenes are in the plant from Citrusy smells, to Pine Smells to the infamous Skunk Smell.

How Far Does The Smell Of Hemp Travel

American Hemp History

We all know that feeling of driving through the countryside and getting a whiff of cow manure or horse waste and it is not very pleasant. Hemp can produce a similar level of smell but for some the smell of hemp will be a nice one.

We estimate using nothing but Bro Science that the smell of Hemp will not travel further than a couple of miles but when it is blooming it may travel a bit further.

Since Hemp is now legal, those living around hemp farms will probably need to get used to the smell and as I have said, hemp is not as bad as living near a cow farm.

Does Hemp Smell During Harvest

Yes, Hemp will smell considerably worse during a harvest because when you start cutting leaves, the terpenes will be released and the smell will be free to travel unimpeded. Expect a big increase in smell as you begin to harvest.

How to Mitigate The Smell Of Hemp

Hemp Drying

One great way to reduce the burden of smell during Harvest is to remove the biggest leaves by hand and then hang the whole plant upside down to dry. This can be more time consuming for a big farm and the plants will take a lot longer to dry but it will result in better flowers for smoking or for use in oils, edibles and other products.

If you are worried about smelling during harvest check out this article:

Do Hemp Flowers Smell Like Weed When You Are Smoking Them

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Yes, Hemp flowers smell exactly the same as weed when you are smoking them. That is because the Cannabis and Hemp are really only distinguishable by the amount of THC in the product. Hemp Buds look, feel and taste the exact same as marijuana except they will not get you high but instead relax you and they have many other positive health benefits.

How Can Police Tell The Difference between Hemp Flowers & Marijuana?

This is a very interesting question because it is almost impossible for police to tell the difference without testing the 2 products to see what is actually in them.

We recommend that you don’t flaunt you hemp flower smoking in public or smoke hemp while driving to avoid any problems that may occur because certifiably cannot tell the difference and this is causing problems all around the USA, The UK and Europe.

Thinking of Trying Hemp Flowers

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