CBD Oil For Depression

Guide To Hemp & CBD For Depression

Struggling with depression and trying to find a medication that won’t leave you feeling lethargic or hungover? Tired of the struggle of trying to pretend you feel better? Are you weary of making excuses to others for how you’re feeling? Depression is a serious mental health condition that is associated with morbidity and mortality. It can be a serious risk factor that is often overlooked.


Those struggling with depression tend to struggle with substance abuse including drugs and alcohol, due to their desire to hide their depression and self-medicate. They may also suffer from other serious medical conditions and the inability to enjoy life as it’s meant to be enjoyed. It can be difficult at best to enjoy the daily activities that many people enjoy on a daily basis if you’re struggling with depression.


Another serious consequence with depression is that the person will have no energy, lose their ability to think and focus, and they will struggle with sleep disturbances. According to The American Psychiatric Association, there are five major categories of depression.


In 2012, there were approximately 7.6 percent of Americans who were over the age of 12 that were diagnosed with depression. Depression tends to be more common for females than for males and it’s frequently diagnosed in those who are over the age of 40.


Depression also happens in children. Depression typically peaks between the ages of 25 years of age and 44 years of age. The older a person becomes the more likely they are to deal with a bout of depression in their lifetime, even if they’ve never before had a bout of depression.


Depression knows now economical bounds. It knows no age bounds and it has no respect for anything else that may be going on in a person’s life. While it’s normal to be depressed from time to time, a medical diagnosis of depression is becoming far more common.


You can take pharmaceutical medications, but these carry a high risk of side effects. However, Studies are showing that Hemp oil is offering a myriad of health benefits in regards to depression and virtually no side effects. Let’s examine some of the benefits of hemp oil and how it works on depression.


What Is Hemp Or CBD Oil?

Hemp oil is derived from the hemp plant. The oil is called Hemp oil or it’s sometimes called CBD oil, named after the cannabinoids that are naturally in the hemp plant. The Hemp oil is commercially extracted from the hemp plant and separated from the other components in the oil. This oil is then used in products to deliver the benefits of the Hemp plant to those who need it.


How Does Hemp Oil Work?

Hemp oil works by combining with the naturally occurring cannabinoids in the body. This enhances the receptors in the brain that work to control the moods and depression in an all natural way. It helps to regulate the immune system, sensations (moods), and encourages the body to continue working normally.


Is Hemp Oil Legal?

Hemp oil is legal in all of the United States. Since Hemp oil is derived from the Hemp Plant it’s completely legal as it contains less than the recommended .3% THC in USA. It can be purchased online or in brick and mortar shops. It can be purchased in a variety of forms including creams, gels, lotions, edibles, and even in the form of flowers or buds.


Will I Require A Doctors Prescription For CBD Oil?

No, because Hemp oil is legal, you won’t have to have a doctors prescription to buy Hemp products or hemp oil. It’s safe and effective and it’s legal. You can purchase your hemp oil in a variety of ways. It’s readily available as a tincture, sub lingual pill form, gummies, snacks, brownies, candies, drops, and more.


Will CBD Or Hemp Oil Interact With Other Medications?

If you are taking other medications, it’s always wise to check with your doctor or pharmacist prior to using any vitamins, hemp oil or any other products. Many medications can interact with other medications or even such things as grapefruit juice. Make sure to check with your doctor or pharmacist before you add hemp oil to your medication list or body care routine to avoid potential interactions.


Does Hemp Oil Cure Depression?

For many people, especially those who are suffering from PTSD or other similar forms of depression, hemp and CBD oil works very well. It helps to ease the mind and works to send out more positive signals to the brain thus easing and relieving depression. Hemp binds with the body’s own natural cannabinoids and improves the levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is the chemical that helps us to regulate our moods and mood stability.


How Long Does It Take For Hemp Oil To Work?

Hemp oil takes approximately 20 minutes to 2 hours to begin working on depression. If it’s applied topically, it will begin to work in quick fashion on the area that it’s been applied. If hemp oil is ingested it will have to work its way through the digestive system which will take as long as 2 hours depending on the person and their metabolism. If hemp oil is taken sublingually (underneath of the tongue) it can take up to 40 minutes for it to work on depression.


What If It’s Still Not Working After 2 Hours?

If you took CBD or Hemp oil, and it’s been longer than 2 hours, and you’re not noticing any results, you can take another small dose. Different formulas have different strengths and different products will work more quickly than others. Keep in mind too that everyone is different. Most medications are dosed according to weight so find out what the proper dosage is for your specific weight and go from there when determining how much to take and whether or not it’s working after 2 hours.


What Is The Best Way To Take Hemp/CBD Oil For Depression?

The best thing about using CBD Or Hemp is that there are a variety of ways that it can be used. Many people prefer a topical cream or gel that they can apply to pulse points, this works well as it helps get the Hemp oil into the body via the skin absorption. It can also be ingested by eating edible products that contain Hemp oil as well as used sublingually in capsules or caplets or drops. What works well for one person may not work as well for another. Everyone is different and it may take a bit of time to find the best way to take Hemp for depression.


Will Hemp Oil Show Up On A Drug Test?

Hemp oil will not show up on a drug test, unless you’re using a formula that has a high concentration of THC. Since the hemp plant contains little THC you won’t have to worry about it. If you’re using CBD oil from the cannabis plant you may wish to check labels for higher levels of THC.


When potential employers screen potential employees for drugs they are screening for street drugs, opioids, and for cannabis. The level of THC is what would cause a person to fail a drug test. Thus, choosing products that have only Hemp or CBD with low levels will result in a clean drug test as long as the person isn’t using any other drugs.


What Are The Side Effects Of Hemp Oil?

Unlike other medications that are taken for depression, there are virtually no side effects with Hemp oil. For some people, Hemp oil may make them feel more drowsy or sleepy so care should definitely be taken when using Hemp oil for depression until understanding how it affects the body. Always start with the smallest dose possible. A little bit of Hemp oil goes a long ways. If you’re feeling edgy or nauseous, you may have taken more than you should have. Start with a small dosage and you shouldn’t have any side effects at all.


Can You Overdose On Hemp Oil?

Rarely does anyone take too much hemp oil. Common side effects in higher doses are gastrointestinal issues such as gas, bloating, and digestive issues. Always start with the smallest dose possible and work your way up to higher doses from there.


Can Hemp Oil Get You High?

No, Hemp in and of itself is not the part of the plant that makes a person high. The THC is what gives a person a psychoactive high. The higher the amount of THC the higher a person will get. Hemp and CBD have trace levels of THC and Hemp oils that are derived from hemp will not get you high.


Anyone who has ever struggled with depression knows well how they feel as if they are behind a window looking out at everyone else enjoying life. It’s a sad way to feel and even though a person may feel like joining in, their body and their mind won’t allow it. Depression affects everyone at some point of time or another. It can be completely debilitating and leave them feeling like staying in bed all day long without caring what happens.


Depression doesn’t just affect the patient, it can affect everyone around them. Family and friends may try to jolt the person out of their depression to no avail. Medications may help temporarily but these must be taken often. Medications also cause side effects including dry mouth, nausea, thoughts of suicide, and more.


Hemp oil has virtually no side effects. If the patient starts with the smallest possible dose and works their way up to a higher dose slowly, there aren’t any side effects. The person will begin to feel better and join back in with their normal daily activities. Results may vary from one person to another, but most people begin to feel better within just a few treatments.


Hemp oil can be taken anywhere at any time. It can be ingested or rubbed on the skin at a pulse point. It’s portable and legal in all 50 states. Hemp oil. CBD and Hemp is readily available both online and in brick and mortar stores. More products are arriving on shelves daily.


If you, or someone you love, is struggling with depression, Hemp oil may be just what you’re looking for to find some relief. Cure your depression once and for all with hemp oil and see if you don’t feel better. Are you ready to make the change? Hemp oil works quickly and effectively to help relieve depression.


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