Hempactiv Hemp Cream Review

Hemp Active Hemp Relief Cream

After years of running myself ragged trying to find and over the counter solution to my joint swelling I finally opened my mind a bit towards holistic remedies, namely hemp products. They are all over the place these days and people are raving about them and now I finally understand why.

The specific product I tried that was my foot in the door of the world of hemp products was Hempactiv Hemp Cream and the reason I went with this one specifically is because it has been so well-received and all the positive feedback it has generated from users.

Hempactiv Hemp Cream is just a normal topical cream that you rub into the skin for a little bit for relief from joint swelling and inflammation. It is made from cannabis sativa seed oil which has no intoxicating effects and best of all it has really helped me with my joint swelling especially in the knees.

It’s made in Canada but can be bought anywhere (I live in Pittsburgh)and each jar contains 750mg. Hempactiv Hemp Cream has worked better than any pill I have tried for direct and focused relief of joint swelling and pain.

Long-Term Effects

This product is perfect for anyone looking for both short and long-term pain relief effects from a hemp cream. So I have been using Hempactiv Hemp Cream for about 8 months and I was just expecting short-term relief from the swelling in my knees after I would walk, run or exercise in any way.

What I have noticed after 8 months of use though is that my knees feel better in general. First of all they don’t swell up as easily or as quickly as they used to. Secondly they feel more fluid and flexible overall. I definitely attribute this to the anti-inflammatory properties of Hempactiv Hemp Cream.

Chronic inflammation will strip you of your joints’ mobility but the cannabinoids in this product work great for stopping inflammation in its tracks and therefore offering a long-term benefit for joint health.

Great Ingredients

I did some research on the formula of Hempactiv Hemp Cream which is one of the aspects of this product that has garnered such great feedback from customers and found that ingredients like arnica have been very effective for treating muscle and joint aches due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Of course, the lead actor in this play is hemp seed oil but it is backed up by components like Theobroma which contain polyphenols. Polyphenols are considered nature’s antioxidants and also work effectively for stymieing joint inflammation.

Good for the Skin

First of all Hempactiv Hemp Cream feels good when you massage it into your skin and although I didn’t realize it at first, it actually helps to soothe skin as well. My arms have always been dry and prone to rashes so I applied some Hempactiv Hemp Cream to my arms and it got rid of the redness and itching.

I tried this out because I saw that Hempactiv Hemp Cream contains allantoin, sunflower seed oil and menthol; all of which I have known to be beneficial for skin. The menthol soothes the irritated skin and the allantoin helps the skin to retain more moisture and therefore dry out less frequently.


  • Hempactiv Hemp Cream has been very well-received by people who have used it
  • It can be used on any of the joints of your body and anywhere you are experiencing muscle pain
  • Can also be used for sciatic nerve pain
  • A little bit of this cream goes a long way
  • Takes effect very quickly
  • Hempactiv Hemp Cream can be used to heal bruises too
  • Manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee


  • Contains glycerin
  • The menthol gives it a distinct odor
  • There is cetearyl alcohol in it which may cause some skin irritation
  • The packaging leaves some to be desired

Overall Reaction

All things considered, I must say that Hempactiv Hemp Cream is a quality hemp-based pain reliever. Despite the packaging which is a bit flimsy and the possibly synthetically derived ingredients, it is worth it for the effective pain and swelling relief it offers in just a short amount of time (about 15 minutes for me).

The fact that it has so much positive feedback is what led me to try it but the fact that it helps with my knees and skin irritation is what keeps me coming back for more.

My scope of use for this product is rather narrow in light of all that it could do but if you have any kind of muscle, joint, skin or nerve irritation you should definitely give this cream a try.