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Being a pet owner is like being a parent because you’re taking care of a small living creature that can’t fend for itself. Sometimes this can be overwhelming especially when your pet gets sick. You want to be able to provide your pet with medication that will work for any ailment.

That’s why pet owners need a versatile medication that’s suitable to administer to all types of pet species. If you’re looking for this type of medication then you’re in luck because hemp oil is what your pet needs. Many vets recommend hemp oil as it’s healthy and safe for your pet to consume.

So is there a hemp product on the market you can use for your cat and dog? Hempire Pets hemp oil was developed for pet owners like you who need a fast active medication with organic compounds to improve almost any pet’s health.

Take a look at how Hempire Pets hemp oil can benefit your domesticated animal. We compiled a short review for you.

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About the Product

The Hempire Pet hemp oil for pets comes in a glass bottle to keep the product fresh. The bottle has a dropper that allows you to take exact measurements of the oil. The dropper also makes it easier for you to administer dosages to your pet orally. 

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You can mix the Hempire hemp oil into your pet’s food and water or drop one dose onto a snack to make it easier for him or her to consume. Simply see the product label and leaflet for the correct dosages according to the weight of your pet.

The Hempire hemp oil can be used for big pets as well as smaller animals such as kittens and puppies. This is because it’s an organic product that’s safe for any pet to consume. It’s a simple and effective medication that works fast to help relieve your pet’s pain & discomfort.

Hempire’s hemp oil is tasteless so it won’t cause an unpleasant reaction when your pet consumes the medication. Your pet won’t even be able to detect the oil if you administer doses into his or her food.

Where is the Hemp Grown?

The hemp plants used to manufacture the Hempire oil was cultivated in a toxic-free and controlled environment. The hemp oil extract for dogs is cold-pressed and 100% organic. There were no GMOs or pesticides used to manufacture this product.

Hempire hemp oil was made in the USA but the product can be shipped to different countries so other pet owners can use the healing medication on their furry friends.

Hempire Pets

Ingredients in the Hempire Hemp Oil

There are no filler ingredients used in the Hempire hemp oil for pets. The brand only uses natural hemp seed extract and healthy compounds such as omega 3 & 6 when making the product.

There are no added preservatives, flavorings or colorants used to manufacture the Hempire hemp oil for pets. This guarantees that the product is safe to use on your pet as it has no ingredients that may cause him or her any harm.

What Conditions is Hempire Oil Best for?

The Hempire hemp oil for pets is versatile because it has natural healing compounds that combat the effects of allergies and skin irritation. The natural oils in the product help keep your pet’s skin moisturized to reduce itching and dandruff.

Your pet has a natural inflammation system that combats diseases and infections but sometimes the effects aren’t balanced and this can cause joint pain & muscle ache. Hempire’s integrated omegas 3 and 6 are essential amino fatty acids that help balance inflammation.

The anti-inflammatory properties help reduce gastrointestinal diseases and improve your pet’s bowel movements. It increases your pet’s appetite and reduces the feeling of nausea. This is good for older pets that struggle to eat and digest their food.

Hempire’s hemp oil for pets is also excellent to use on animals that suffer from anxiety, especially in noisy and stressful environments.

The Hempire oil is ideal for canines as they’re prone to separation anxiety. It will help calm your pooch down and improve their mood when you need to leave him or her at home..


  • Improves organ health
  • Fast active medication
  • Gives your pet a healthy coat
  • Includes vitamin A, B1 and E
  • USDA Certified
  • Safe for cats and dogs


  • Has an unpleasant odor
  • May induce dry mouth syndrome
  • Doesn’t work for all dog breeds
  • Problems with the dropper

Final Thoughts

If you want to add a bit of extra flavor to your pet’s food you can opt for the Hempire bacon-flavored hemp oil. Your pet will love the taste and it will improve your pet’s overall health.

The Hempire product is safe to administer to your pet every day which makes it ideal to use on pets that suffer from chronic pain and discomfort. It’s also perfect to use on cats and dogs that are recovering from surgery as it can speed up their healing process.

So now that you know more about this versatile medication, get your pet Hempire hemp oil. Now you can provide your furry friend with a safe and healthy product that’s guaranteed to work for any pain or stress they may experience.

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