Jaygenics Intensive Hemp Healing Pain Rub Review

A long time ago I made the mistake of thinking that any hemp or CBD oil would give me the medical benefits I was after. The problem was that I suffered from a chronic pain in my right knee that would flare up every time I ran for more than 10 minutes and any time I went up or down stairs.

It made me feel old so in order to feel young again I went down to the local dispensary and got a CBD oil after hearing that CBD was good for joint pain and inflammation. This was a huge mistake I spent the next 7 hours after taking the oil in a panic attack and thinking that I needed to go to the ER.

The problem was that I was unaware that not all CBD and hemp products are non-psychoactive. The product I took had a very high concentration of THC which led to a horrible experience I wasn’t prepared for.

I wised up and tried again, this time opting for non-THC non-psychoactive products to help with my knee and that is how I came across Jaygenics Intensive Hemp Healing Pain Rub.

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You Won’t Get High

First and foremost, this product is for people not looking to get a weed high and are just looking for some relief from joint pain. Jaygenics Pain Rub contains hemp oil – not THC which can get you high – and therefore has zero psychoactive effect.

There are 150mg of hemp oil and the formula features 10% of emu oil as well which is thought to relive joint inflammation (a major player in joint pain) with no harmful side-effects.

There is also Vitamin E and Aloe Leaf extract in the formula; the latter being good for the skin while the former provides antioxidant support against free radical damage to the joints.

Helps with my Knee Pain

The pain in my knee resulted from an injury I sustained playing basketball and Jaygenics Pain Rub has been specifically formulated for relief from pains brought on by sports injuries. When I apply it to my knee, there isn’t a numbing effect.

Rather it seems to soothe the joints. I can still feel my knee working but without the pain. The product was made to last for up to 8 hours but I have found that one application is good for pretty much the whole day unless I engage in excessive physical activity.

You Don’t Have to Wait Around for Relief

One of the things I like the most about this product is that it works pretty quickly. I usually put it on right after I get home from work and about a half hour before I go running and it works well within that timeframe.

The cream itself is not stubborn and absorbs thoroughly into the skin without too much effort so application does not take an annoying amount of time.

No Odor

I am pretty sensitive when it comes to scents, especially artificial ones so I personally appreciate the fact that Jaygenics Hemp Healing Pain Rub is odor free. It doesn’t linger on the skin either so I can put pants on over it without feeling like my knee is wet.


  • Jaygenics Hemp Healing Pain Rub is an organic product
  • Could be used for people psoriatic and osteoarthritis
  • This product can be used on virtually any part of the body
  • There are no illegal substances in this product
  • Jaygenics Hemp Healing Pain Rub could help to relieve chronic joint inflammation
  • Could also help joints to recover quicker after intensive, high-impact exercise


  • May need multiple applications if you exercise more than once a day
  • There are synthetically processed ingredients in the Jaygenics Hemp Healing Pain Rub formula
  • Stearic acid is known to have astringent effects and could cause some irritation
  • There are only 2 ounces of the cream in each jar

The Bottom Line

Jaygenics Hemp Healing Pain Rub has become my go-to for knee pain and beyond. It can be used pretty much anywhere and it is not greasy and does not impart an odor which for me, makes it convenient enough to outweigh some of the areas in which it falls short like the synthetically processed components.

Most of all, it has helped me regain an active lifestyle without the pain so I would advise anyone who is suffering from joint pain and inflammation to at least give Jaygenics Intensive Hemp Healing Pain Rub a try.
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