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Lola, the owners’ pet puppy, is pictured on the back of their CBD tinctures with a big smile. This suggests that their CBD is at least working a little bit! It’s important to note that one of the people on the Lola Hemp team is actually a veterinarian, so their products would be tested by someone who is very familiar with animals.

One of the coolest things about Lola Hemp is that they donate one out of every four of the bottles that they sell to a local rescue shelter. This means that they’re helping homeless and hurt puppies!

Lola Hemp oil caters for a large range of ailments including anxiety, phobias, depression and even arthritis in dogs. If you are thinking about full spectrum hemp for your pet, Lola hemp is one of the best products on the market.

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The CBD Industry For Pets

CBD has made a very impressive name for itself in recent years. It has been used by people to help them manage conditions ranging from physical pain to depression and anxiety. It has even showed some promise in helping people manage some of the symptoms of cancer.

It gets even better, though – it turns out that CBD isn’t just useful for people. Our pets can benefit from using CBD, as well! Just like humans, pets are prone to mental and physical health problems that can make their lives unpleasant. If you’ve owned a puppy, then you’re probably aware of how sad it is to see your dog struggle with separation anxiety!

Some of the things that CBD can help our pets with include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Digestive issues
  • Diabetes
  • Separation anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • hyperactivity
  • Inflammation

If your pet is struggling with one of the above issues, then it could be worth your time to invest in some CBD. CBD is a very low-risk compound that isn’t known for causing many side effects aside from drowsiness – and if you’re using it to treat insomnia, anxiety, or hyperactivity, then that’s great!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of marketers who have begun to tap into the CBD market for pets. There are so many different companies selling CBD products that it can be very difficult to decide which one is best for your pets. The best way to figure that out is to do a bit of research on different brands.

Lola Hemp is one of the brands that focuses on making CBD products for pets. Their products are quite popular, and they are backed by a number of positive reviews on a variety of different online marketplaces.

In this article, we’re going to go into more detail about Lola Hemp so you can decide whether or not this product will be a good fit for you or your pets.

What Makes Lola Hemp So Great?

Lola Hemp is a brand that was founded by Joey and Susan DiFrancesco – a mother and son. The brand’s mascot is the family’s 5-year old rescue puppy. But this isn’t enough to decide on whether or not you should choose this brand.

Outline & History of Lola Hemp

What you’ll probably first notice about Lola Hemp is that they don’t seem to be a huge company with a massive, capitalist agenda. They’re a family-based company that’s interested in helping provide CBD for pets who are in need of it.

The company actually has quite an interesting history – or, at the very least, a cute and wholesome history. The company adopted a rescue dog named Lola. she was six years old at the time, and the chihuahua had a great fear of thunderstorms as well as some pretty serious anxiety.

The anxiety was serious enough that it was preventing Lola from enjoying her life as much as she could be. The owners gave her a dose of CBD and were amazed by how much improvement the dog experienced.

When they first provided Lola with the oil, it was quite difficult to find high-quality pet CBD oil. This led to the creation of Lola Hemp. The family was simply dedicated to providing a high-quality source of the same oil that helped their own dog.

Quality of Products

There are quite a few reasons to believe that Lola Hemp provides high quality products.

  • First off, they work with organic, whole hemp plants. This results in a light amber CBD oil.
  • Lola Hemp has a lab testing page on their website where you can view the results of laboratory tests.
  • Every batch is tested for its strength, the use of pesticides, any leftover microbes, and other potential hazards.
  • The products are made with non-GMO ingredients.

One of the interesting things about Lola Hemp is that they actually undersell themselves. This means that you’re going to get more value from their products than they actually say that you’re going to.

Here’s an example. One of their 30ml bottles of CBD oil is advertised to contain 300 mg of CBD. However, if you read their lab report which was done by a 3rd-party sources, you’ll find out that they actually contain more. The oil was tested to contain 13.54 mg of CBD per gram, meaning that you’re getting about 12.46 mg of CBD per mL of oil – accounting for density differences.

This means that a 300 mg bottle of their oil actually contains closer to 373 mg of the compound! A bonus.

A caution point, though – since the product may actually be a bit stronger than you’re expecting, it could be wise to start with smaller doses.

Another thing to note is the high quality of the information that the company provides. Their website, for example, has sections written by an actual veterinarian who can recommend the proper dosage range for your dog based on what it needs the CBD for.

The company is highly ethical but follows a rigorously scientific method for ensuring the quality of their CBD. They are happy to provide all the information about the stuff that they sell online, and are a very transparent group of people.

Lola Hemp Products

Lola Hemp Review

Lola Hemp’s products consist of CBD tinctures. These tinctures are available in three different sizes:

LolaHemp CBD Tincture 600 Mg – 60 ml

  • LolaHemp CBD Tincture 600 Mg – 60 ml. This tincture costs $69.99 and is great for larger dogs who need higher doses of CBD. It can also be better value even if you have a smaller dog, simply because the tincture will last longer.

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LolaHemp CBD Tincture 300 Mg – 30 ml

  • LolaHemp CBD Tincture 300 Mg – 30 ml. This tincture costs $49.99 and is good for mid-sized dogs. It’s a fair-priced tincture that costs a little more per mg of CBD than the 600 mg variety.

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LolaHemp CBD Tincture 150 Mg – 15 ml

  • LolaHemp CBD Tincture 150 Mg – 15 ml. This is the best choice to make if you’re trying CBD out on your pet for your first time, or if you have a dog that only requires it every once in a while. At this dosage range, it’ll still last a while if you only use it once every week or two.

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Check Out Lola Hemp For Pets Today

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If you’re still not sure which one you should purchase, you can check out Lola Hemp’s website. Their veterinarian has made a detailed review of which products are best for dogs based on what you are trying to manage.

The Entourage Effect

If you have been reading about CBD, then you may be aware of the entourage effect. The entourage effect is basically a fancy term that describes how CBD works best as it is found in nature: alongside other cannabinoids (active compounds) found in the cannabis plant.

Lola Hemp makes their products full-spectrum, meaning that they come containing all the other active components found in the hemp plant. (Note that THC may be present in very small amounts, since hemp plants can contain up to 0.3% THC. This is very unlikely to have much influence on your dog.)

This means that the benefits that your puppy will experience will be enhanced because all of these cannabinoids work together to provide a complete effect. CBD can be very effective on its own, for sure, but it can be even better when it’s used as a pat of the entourage effect.

Pros and Cons of Lola Hemp Products

It’s important to be aware of the pros and cons of any company before you decide to make a purchase from them. Fortunately in the case of Lola Hemp, the majority of these are pros.


  • Consistently tests their products with a third-party lab. Third-party testing is important because it ensures that the product is tested by a company that’s not actually affiliated with the manufacturers. This prevents any bias or dabbling in the lab results so you can be certain that you’re getting accurate information.
  • They offer full-spectrum products that offer benefits in the sense of the entourage effect.
  • They use organic and non-GMO products in the production of their hemp oil.
  • They are a very dedicated and transparent team of qualified animal workers who are simply interested in providing high-quality medicine for pets. They have a veterinarian on board who has written a lot of information for the company’s website.
  • The company focuses on animal welfare, donating one bottle of CBD oil to pet shelters for every 4 that they sell. They’re also partnered with STAR, the Social Tees Animal Rescue group in New York.
  • They’re fairly affordable. They are not cheap by any means, but considering the high quality and value, you’re getting your money’s worth, for sure.


  • Some may find that the higher strength of the products could pose a threat. Giving a highly sensitive dog a dose from a 300 mg bottle, which actually contains 373 mg as described above, could cause potential problems.
  • At present, they have a very small product line that only consists of these three different bottles of CBD oil. Some people may prefer to feed their puppies CBD treats or foods if they are not responsive or don’t like taking CBD in their water or from a dropper.
  • Currently, Lola Hemp has not made their negative reviews on their Facebook page. Considering that this is where you can find a lot of negative reviews for other CBD products, this could indicate that they’re trying to hide something.

Value of Products

Now that you’ve seen the ups and downs of Lola Hemp, you’ll probably want to know how much the stuff actually costs. High-quality hemp oils are not known for being cheap.

Naturally, the prices differ a bit between the different strengths of the products. The more you buy, the cheaper that the actual cost of the medicine will be. If you buy the products directly from their website, they will run you between 12 and 20 cents per mL of CBD.

If you look at these prices in comparison to some other products, you’ll notice that they’re about the same. The 150mg bottle is actually a bit higher-priced than some competitors, but hey – the competitors probably aren’t donating 25% of your proceeds to dog shelters.

Furthermore, Lola Hemp offers a money-back guarantee on their products. If you decide that you’re not fond of their products within 30 days, you can return them for a refund. You can also further enhance the value by placing an order over $70.00 – they will then ship your order for free.

Reviews & Rep

It’s important to learn about a company’s reviews and reputation. This can give you further insight into their quality as a company that you might not be able to find anywhere else.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the company has long been affiliated with pets and the relevant industry. Lola Hemp is comprised of veterinarians, pet doctors, and other qualified workers in the animal field.

This suggests that the Lola Hemp crew is actually dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of pet health. This means that they want their products to be high-quality – not because they’ll sell better, but because it’s good for the health of animals and for the world at large. This is a great green light in regards to the company, and shows that they have great ethics.

Most of their products have been given immensely positive reviews, with 4.5 out of 5 stars across the board. Despite the fact that they’re a relatively new company, people are happy to stand by them and their quality.

Test Results

Even if you’re not interested in checking out the results of their tests yourself, it’s good to know that they offer these results online. This is a key factor in the transparency of a company. If a product doesn’t offer test results, or if they test their products in their own labs and use these results, you can’t be certain if you’re getting accurate information.

Fortunately, Lola Hemp uses third-party labs to test their products. A quick scan of these results shows that they contain legal levels of CBD and THC, that there are no unpleasant or harmful chemicals found in their products, and in fact that they may actually contain more CBD than you’re paying for.

So, Should I Use Lola Hemp?

Ultimately, the decision as to whether or not you’re going to use Lola Hemp rests on your own shoulders. However, there are a few things to consider that could influence your decision.

  • The company has been involved in the pet industry for many years. Their products are backed by reliable and qualified professionals in the industry.
  • The company was formed by people who genuinely have an interest in providing high-quality medicine for dogs around the world.
  • They are a community-based company that love to give back to the pet industry.

The above issues are things that set Lola Hemp above from other companies selling pet CBD oil. Aside from all of these things, they’re known for providing reliable, high-quality, organic and non-GMO products.

Overall, Lola Hemp is a pretty fantastic brand, so unless there is another company that interests you more, there’s really no reason that you shouldn’t give Lola Hemp a try for your small* and furry friends.

*Disclaimer – Sometimes Big :)