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New Age Hemp Oil 1000mg

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New Age produce a range of different hemp oils, gummies and capsules. The broad spectrum, natural tasting oil is made from hemp grown in the USA. New Age Hemp comes with tons of positive feedback and ratings on Amazon and it is competitively priced.

New Age make their products in a FDA approved facility and the broad spectrum hemp extract is great for insomnia, anxiety, stress and chronic pain. New Age have built a reputation for producing products that work and we think they are well worth trying out for yourself.

I found the taste to be natural and refreshing and you can really feel it getting to work quite quickly. I took it once in the morning and once in the late evening and I also used the gummies throughout the day which were very refreshing. It helped with my lower back pain and it made me fell more relaxed and better overall which is why I would definitely recommend it.

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BE CAREFUL when buying your Hemp products on Amazon. CBD is not a permitted substance for sellers on the platform.

Sellers get around this by labelling the product as 'Hemp Seed Oil' which doesn't contain any CBD. Even though the products will often contain CBD and be a great product, we have no way of ensuring the quality of the product and how much THC or CBD it contains, which can be dangerous.

This is why we always suggest that you go with a tried and tested brand like CBDmd, Nuleaf Naturals, Joy Organics or CBDistillery, who provide third party lab testing with every product they ship.

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I always used to say that I sucked at sleep and it was the truth. I had always been a light sleeper and the slightest noise or any noise out of the ordinary regardless of how loud it was used to jolt me out of sleep.

It turns out stress and anxiety had a lot to do with my inability to achieve a deep sleep state because as soon as I discovered hemp oil products, I found that I was much calmer during the day which led to a better ability to fall asleep and stay asleep at night.

But I didn’t find a good hemp oil or edible right away. It took some trial and error before I found the New Age Hemp line of products which have worked out really well for me in pretty much every regard. The most important of which is quality of sleep.

My lack of quality sleep was impacting other parts of my life but New Age Hemp has balanced things out for me.

Better Sleep With New Age Hemp Gummies

New Age Hemp Gummies

It is amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for you so for anyone who has trouble sleeping and looking for a natural alternative to sleeping pills, New Age Hemp is a great solution.

Believe me I have tried sleeping pills in the past and they have always left me feeling super groggy in the morning and they are always made of ingredients that I can’t even pronounce. New Age Hemp gummies are great because they don’t give me that dosed feeling in the morning.

When I take them, I don’t wake up feeling groggy. Instead they make me feel refreshed in the morning and ready for the day.

There are essentially 2 active ingredients in the gummies: Hemp oil extract and melatonin, both of which are naturally occurring.

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New Age Hemp Oil 1000mg

New Age Hemp Oil 1000mg

While the gummies are great for sleep, it isn’t always a good idea to eat candy before I go to sleep so I also keep a supply of New Age’s 100mg hemp oil handy in the night stand. All I have to do with this oil is place a few drops of it under my tongue before I go to sleep.

The hemp oil is also good to use at work. It’s discreet and it helps me relax when I am under the gun of a big deadline.

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New Age Hemp Oil 3000mg

New Age Hemp Oil 3000mg

Some days are more tense than others with work and family obligations but New Age also makes a premium strength sub-lingual hemp oil. For me, I get tightness in my neck when I am at work (a desk job) sometimes and this particular formula has worked to relax my muscles.

It contains multiple omega fatty acids as well which distinguishes it from the other formulas and makes it good for your joints if you are not otherwise getting these omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in your diet.

The skeptics out there may be happy to hear that New Age Hemp offers a satisfaction guarantee for their 3000mg Hemp Oil.

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New Age Hemp oil 5000mg Review

New Age Hemp Oil 5000mg

Going back to the concept of these products being good and natural alternatives to sleeping pills, New Age’s 5000mg hemp oil fits the bill once again because it is free of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers and all of the ingredients are natural and even vegan-friendly.

I have personally used this formula as a sleeping aid but I have definitely noticed that it also helps with stress management in my waking hours and instills a heightened sense of calm, again, without feeling dosed.

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New Age Hemp Cream

Hemp Pain Relief Cream

The reason I started taking using New Age Hemp Cream was because I read that it can help with carpel tunnel syndrome and I type a lot in my line of work. I can say firsthand that it relived some of the creakiness and stiffness I felt in my wrists while working.

The Aloe leaf juice, turmeric and coconut oil in it seem to lubricate the joints in my wrists so that they move with more fluidity. It works pretty fast too and absorbs in no time; taking effect with a cooling sensation on the skin.

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  • All of the products are 100% natural
  • None of the New Age Hemp products are psychoactive
  • They are very reasonably priced when compared to other hemp oil products
  • The gummies taste great
  • The cream absorbs rapidly and offers relief quickly
  • All New Age Hemp products are made in the US


  • The gummies take some time to kick in
  • These products may not be helpful for those with advanced joint inflammation
  • The cream imparts a distinctive odor that not everyone will enjoy
  • There is no indication of how much melatonin is in the Hemp Oil Gummies

Help with Hemp

Despite some of the shortcomings of the New Age products I would feel pretty comfortable recommending them to anyone who is having trouble managing stress, sleeping or in need of some joint support.

They are a great alternative to sleeping pills, they are all-natural and pretty much all of them do what they are advertised to do so I would encourage anyone interested in starting out with hemp oil products to start with New Age Hemp products.

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