Nuleaf Naturals 725mg CBD Oil Review

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The Bottom Line:

97%Total Score

Nuleaf Naturals is a product that ticks all the boxes we are looking for in a high end CBD oil.  The three things we expect to see are that it is made from Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, we want to see that the C02 Extraction Method was used and that Third Party Lab testing was carried out. Nuleaf gets an A+ in all three and the first thing you notice when you take the product out of its packaging is the quality and professionalism that’s involved here. This is a company that only products oils and they have had fantastic great success with a growing customer base. The product includes up to .3% THC and the company offers free 2-3 day shipping in the USA. The product is effective at bringing a calm feeling to the user, reducing pain, increasing deep sleep and much more. This is probably the best CBD oil we have tried and with the 20% Coupon code: GREATHEMP you can get the products at a good discount and with free shipping. You’ll struggle to find a more effective and better quality oil than this.

Full Spectrum

Us Grown Hemp

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Nuleaf Naturals 725mg CBD Oil Review

NuLeaf Naturals CBD OIL Review

Having tried the product for 30 days, I can attest to it’s effectiveness in a number of different areas. I am someone who does use CBD in various forms quite often. Combining Hemp Flowers, CBD Oil and CBD Vape seems to give me my CBD dosages around the clock and I like to use different methods at different times throughout the day. I am self employed so getting up early to start with work offers the perfect time to get some CBD Oil. I took the recommended Dose of Nuleaf Naturals first thing in the morning and within 1 – 2 hours I could feel its effects kicking in.

First thing I noticed when taking NuLeaf Naturals out of the box was the quality and professional look of the product that sums up this companies philosophy and attitude towards producing the best products.

The taste of the oil is quite earthy and there are better tasting flavored CBD Oils on the Market. While this is true, few of them give Nuleaf Naturals a run for it’s money on effectiveness.

The product is full spectrum meaning it contains THC. If you are going to be drug tested you may look for a THC free product such as Joy Organics. Sticking within the recommended dose means you should pass any drug test but for Athletes and Drug tested employees, it is something to keep in mind.

THC brings it’s own benefits that are effective for all problems and especially more severe pain related problems. I would always advise someone with moderate to severe problems to go for a product with THC for the full entourage effect and better healing, pain relief properties.

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Anti Stress And Anxiety For Work

As a self employed person in a high pressure environment, there is always going to be a lot of pressure, stress and anxiety. Taking Nuleaf Naturals first thing in the morning eliminates 90% of the stress and anxiety I feel towards my work. Having to answer the phone throughout the day also bring anxiety and stress and the cbd oil took those stress levels way down allowing me to be more relaxed and get on with the job.

Improved Focus And Concentration

An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening is a phrase that I live by. Taking Nuleaf Naturals first thing in the morning makes an hour worth 4. I noticed a big increase in focus and concentration when taking the oil that increased my productivity and allowed me to get more done. I wasn’t reaching for the phone, playing background music and going off on tangents. I was getting the most important work knocked out of the park straight away.

For Pain And Inflammation from the gym

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil Hero

I go the gym lifting weights in the early evening and this comes with pain, inflammation and growth in the muscles and joints. I did a big leg session on day 2 of the trial and I knew I would be sore the following day. I took The CBD oil straight after my session which was also perfect timing for before going to bed.

Nuleaf Naturals definitely took my mind of the pain and inflammation and made it a lot more manageable. The pain from a tough legs day would usually last 3 days but It was more like 2 with the help of CBD and I managed to get another leg workout in that week.

Improved Sleep

The last benefit that I really noticed was the increase in quality sleep. It’s hot here in the summer and difficult to get to sleep. Taking a half does an hour or two before bed is perfect for getting deep REM sleep which also helps to repair the brain, body, muscles and joints and that is definitely a plus.

Nuleaf Naturals 725mg CBD Oil

Other Conditions I would Recommend Nuleaf Naturals 725mg CBD Oil for

CBD interacts with the bodies endocannabinoid system which promotes balance throughout the body. There are 65 CBD receptors around the body which is why CBD is effective for such a wide and diverse range of illnesses. That being said, this is a high end, full spectrum product that will provide relief and healing as good as any other product on the market.

Conditions I would recommend this for:

  • Arthritis
  • Pain And Inflammation
  • Severe Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Chrons or IBS
  • Sports Recovery (Keep The THC in Mind)
  • Stress And Anxiety

Free Shipping In The USA:

Nuleaf Naturals ships it’s products quickly around the world but it offers completely free 2-3 day shipping within the USA allowing you to get your products quickly. This is hard to match with the CBD community and a definite strong point.

What’s Not So Good About The Product?


Ok, we get it, CBD can be expensive. This is particularly true for the high end products but the old saying holds true, you get what you pay for. By no means do i mean that you cant find good products that are cheaper but I am saying that is product is going to give you consistent quality and effectiveness every time.


This is a naturally flavored product so it goes without saying that some of the flavored CBD oils on the market will taste a bit better. What it lacks in taste, it makes up for in effectiveness. If taste is a big factor for you you could add it to some milk or water to wash it down or even in your coffee.


Nuleaf Naturals Great Hemp Review

We give this product a 10/10 for quality and effectiveness. There are very few negatives about this product and we would highly recommend it to anyone who is currently on the fence about whether to take it or not. It ticks all the boxes that we are looking for in a high end CBD oil and it comes with free shipping in the USA. It also offers fast and affordable shipping worldwide. With the 20% off and money back guarantee, you can try this product out with complete peace of mind.

Coupon Code: GREATHEMP

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