NuLeaf Naturals Pet CBD Review

Nuleaf Naturals Pet CBD oil

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Nuleaf Naturals are the gold standard for Full Spectrum cbd oil for pets. If you want to get your pet the very best oil on the market then look no further. If you want your dog to move like a puppy again or relieve arthritis pain in your cat, Nuleaf Naturals should be at the top of your list.

Nuleaf’s hemp is grown right here in the US and lab testing is present for every batch. C02 extraction is used and you don’t have to look past the endless positive reviews to come to your own conclusion. The recommended dose of 1mg per pound of body weight and as far as we are concerned, there is no more effective cbd product on the market for your pet.

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NuLeaf Naturals Pet CBD Review

Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil

If you’re going to be buying CBD for your pets, then it’s important that you get them high-quality stuff. A lot of companies sell CBD pet products that are just lower-quality versions of the products that they market for human consumption.

In this article, we’re going to be discussing one of the brands known for selling CBD pet products: NuLeaf Naturals. We’ll discuss the quality of their goods, their production methods, and everything else so that you can decide for yourself whether or not NuLeaf is a good company to buy your pet’s medicine from.

About NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals is a brand that has been around for just half a decade, having started in 2014. The company’s claim is that they focus on providing purity and quality to people who are in need of plant medicine.

They have a relatively small product line, preferring to focus on providing a few high-quality products instead of trying to diversify. Their products are generally full-spectrum CBD oils, available for both pets and humans.

How Is Their Hemp Grown and Processed?

Nuleaf Naturals For Pets

The hemp the NuLeaf uses is grown in farms in Colorado, where some of the best hemp in the United States is grown.

They utilize CO2 extraction methods to help get the oil out of the hemp. CO2 extractions are among the safest and most reliable, providing virtually no risk of industrial byproducts entering the final oil.

Even though they use a safe method, they still submit their products for third-party testing – meaning that they have a different company, non-affiliated, evaluated their product for its safety.  The results have recently become available on the company’s website, so you can see for yourself how the products stand up.

NuLeaf Full-Spectrum Pet CBD Oil

NuLeaf’s primary pet oil is a full-spectrum extract that’s available in a few different sizes.

  • 240 mg, costing $38.50, coming in a 5 ml bottle
  • 725 mg, costing $99.00, coming in a 15 ml bottle
  • 1450 mg, costing $179.00, coming in a 30 ml bottle

These products are standardized so that they contain 50 mg of cannabinoids per milliliter of oil. This means that you’ll be able to provide your dog with a fair dose of CBD by just using a few drops. (Unfortunately, this can make it a bit harder to dose your dog.)

Being a full-spectrum extract, these oils are able to provide your pets with the entourage effect. The entourage effect is basically a fancy way of saying “nature’s way.” The hemp plant provides its medicinal benefits due to the combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, and nutrients found within its leaves.

When CBD is extracted from the plant, this means that only a certain facet of its health-boosting benefits are being extracted. A full-spectrum extract, however, allows for the full experience of the hemp plant. Many people report that full-spectrum oils are much more effective than simple extracts.


Nuleaf Naturals For Pets Wrapper

The general dosage range, according to NuLeaf’s website, is to use about 2-3 drops of oil per 20 lbs of weight. They provide the following information:

Pet Weight                                              Usage

  • Up to 25lbs/11kg                     2 drops – 1-2 times daily
  • 25 – 50lb/11 – 23kg                4 drops – 1-2 times daily
  • 50 – 75lb/23 – 34kg                6 drops – 1-2 times daily
  • Over 75lb/34kg                        8+ drops – 1-2 times daily

It’s always best to start your dog with a low dose to see how they respond. If you don’t notice any significant improvement after using a couple drops over the course of a week, consider upping the dose.


Within the United States, NuLeaf offers free shipping. Products are generally delivered within 2-3 business days. Luckily, Nuleaf also ship worldwide!

Benefits of Using NuLeaf Full-Spectrum Pet Oil

Nuleaf Naturals For Dogs

CBD oil can be useful for helping to treat a wide variety of ailments that your pet may suffer from. Some of the most effective uses for these oils include:

  • Fighting arthritis and joint pain. CBD oil helps to reduce inflammation and pain and can help make the lives of pets easier if they have arthritis.
  • Reducing anxiety and stress. Many pets struggle with anxiety just like people do, and their lives can be immensely improved if you help to reduce that anxiety by using a substance like CBD.
  • Improving sleep quality. Another great use for CBD is helping to increase the quality and duration of pet sleep.
  • Enhancing digestive health. CBD can help restore appetite and can also enhance digestive health by fighting off conditions like IBS.

Pros and Cons of NuLeaf Full-Spectrum Pet Oil

It’s wise to weigh out both the positives and negatives of a supplement before you decide to purchase it.


  • They offer a full-spectrum extract, allowing your pets to benefit from the whole range of terpenes and cannabinoids that mother nature intended for us.
  • Third-party lab testing results are available on their website
  • Their products are organic and non-GMO
  • They use a CO2 extraction, one of the most effective and healthiest ways to extract CBD
  • They offer great shipping throughout the United States – free and fast!


  • Their products are pretty expensive compared to some similar companies
  • They don’t have a variety of products – just oil
  • All their products are full-spectrum. While this might not initially seem like a drawback, if you or your pet have a THC sensitivity, this could be a concern
  • They don’t offer shipping outside of the United States

In Conclusion

NuLeaf offers very high-quality, organic, and full-spectrum hemp extracts for use in both humans and animals. Their products are of the highest quality, extracted using the purest methods, and are made using organic hemp.

Honestly, there’s no reason not to buy from NuLeaf. Sure, their products might be more expensive than some competitors, but it seems here that you’re truly paying for quality. As long as you or your pets don’t have a THC sensitivity (and given that you live in the United States) NuLeaf is one of the best companies for you to start buying from.

Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil For Pets


The Gold Standard Of Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Pets

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