Pet Pawsitive Hemp Oil for Dogs Review

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Hemp oil has been used for many years to provide pain and anxiety relief for humans. Now people are turning to hemp products to help with their pets’ discomfort and stress. The reason is that it causes no dangerous side effects and all the ingredients are organic.

Dogs are more likely to suffer from pain and discomfort in their old age & some have anxiety problems throughout their lifetime. So what product can you give to your dog that will help with these problems? Perhaps Pet Pawsitive mint flavour hemp oil is the medicine your dog needs. Packed full of Organic, vegan friendly full spectrum hemp extract, this oil is packed with healthy fats, nutrients and healing properties for your pet. Why not give it a try today?

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About the Product

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The Pet Pawsitive hemp oil comes in a 30ml glass bottle with an easy to use dropper. The dropper allows you to provide exact dosages of the oil to your dog. You can administer drops in your dog’s food and water or orally straight onto its tongue for faster results.

Another way you can administer the oil is by applying a few drops on your dog’s paws. Your dog will lick the product off of his or her paws which is an easier way to get your dog to consume the medication.

The oil contains 3000 mg of pure hemp extract which is a strong formula suitable for dogs that suffer from chronic pain and discomfort. 3,000 mg is ideal for larger dog breeds as a small amount of hemp extract doesn’t always work for bigger pets.

Pet Pawsitive hemp oil is also suitable for cats but you may have to use smaller dosages for felines. Simply check the leaflet on how to administer dosages according to your pet’s weight.

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The Pet Pawsitive brand is serious about the ingredients used in their products. That’s why the Pet Pawsitive hemp oil is 100% natural and toxin-free.

Where is the Hemp Gown?

The hemp used in the Pet Pawsitive oil was extracted from organic plants cultivated in a safe and toxic-free environment. The product is manufactured in the USA under strict conditions so your pet is guaranteed a safe and healthy medicine.

What other Ingredients does the Oil Contain?

The Pet Pawsitive hemp oil has healthy ingredients with healing properties such as Omega 3, 6 and 9 as well as vitamin C & E extract. Mint extract is added to the oil to optimize the flavor of the oil. Mint is also known to help reduce stomach pain and digestion problems.

Conditions Pet Pawsitive Hemp Oil is Best For

The omega 3, 6 and 9 have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling on ligaments, muscles & intestines. The anti-inflammatory properties reduce the effects of arthritis, stiff joints and regulate your dog’s bowels. This is excellent for combatting gastrointestinal diseases.

Pet Pawsitive’s vitamin E extract is used for dogs that suffer from eczema and other diseases as it moisturizes the skin & gives your dog a healthier coat. It will allow your dog to be more comfortable which will improve your pet’s mood and sleep.

Some dogs suffer from insomnia stress and anxiety. The Pet Pawsitive hemp oil has many calming properties that will reduce your dog’s stress, hyperactivity and separation anxiety.


  • Strengthens your dog’s bones
  • Excellent to use for skin disorders
  • 100% natural
  • No added allergens
  • Contains vitamin E and C
  • Has no harmful colorants


  • Doesn’t work for some dog breeds
  • The QR code on the label doesn’t work
  • Doesn’t reduce aggression effectively

Final Thoughts

One advantage of the Pet Pawsitive product is that it contains no traces of THC which is a psychoactive property that could be dangerous for dogs. The Pet Pawsitive brand only uses healthy compounds that aid in healing your dog’s ailments and stress.

So are you willing to try pet hemp oil for your dog? Pet Pawsitive hemp oil is the product your dog needs as it’s safe, healthy and provides fast relief for pain & discomfort.

Give a dose of Pet Pawsitive hemp oil to your dog whenever your pet needs it so he or she can live a life without aches and pains.