Stargreen Hemp Oil Review

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Made in the USA, Stargreen Hemp Oil uses all-natural ingredients to provide a powerful, 10 thousand milligram active hemp oil formula. Third-party tested, the brand can confirm their hemp oil is always free of THC.

Stargreen Hemp Oil’s product had a wide range of benefits that just kept stacking the longer I took at least one serving each day. From relieving pain in the joints and muscles to reducing stress and anxiety, Stargreen hemp oil does seem to get the job done and for an attractive price.

This product comes in a 10,000 mg and 45,000 mg bottle which is packed with full spectrum, US grown hemp  and is also brimming with healthy fats and nutrients. Check out Stargreen if you are in the market for a quality hemp oil product to try.

Full Spectrum

Us Grown Hemp

Great Price

100% Organic

Have you been looking for the right hemp oil for stress relief, inflammation, or even just hip and joint support and general wellness?

Regardless of your reason or symptom for wanting to start a daily regimen of CBD oil, this guide was designed to help you finally find the hemp extract you’ve been waiting for.

The CBD industry continues to skyrocket as millions more consumers flood the market to seek relief or find general wellness. As the CBD industry rises, though, we see many unofficial brands take advantage of consumers who aren’t sure how to tell a high-quality cannabidiol product from a fake.

Not every CBD brand is at the same level for their ingredients or care in their products, and we want to help you find a brand that stands apart from that. That’s why I’m going to touch on Stargreen Hemp Oil today; a brand I recently tried out for myself that has given me some positive results that I’m excited to share.

What’s Unique About Stargreen Hemp Oil?

While I couldn’t find a whole lot that makes the brand unique apart from effective treatment for pain, stress and anxiety. As they’re on Amazon and don’t have a web platform themselves, let’s dive into my personal experience with the product itself.

Stargreen Hemp Oil Review

Arriving in a dark glass bottle, the instructions were straightforward: shake well before each use. When not in use, make sure you store it in a cool, dark place. A large bottle for a great price, I got the 2 oz container that holds 10,000mg CBD.

Within the first week of taking the oil, I noticed an improved, more stable mood, as well as light relief from any mild anxiety. I started sleeping better and more calmly, getting a deeper and longer sleep each night.

After a daily regimen of two to three servings for about a month, I could still feel improvement. Not only did I feel better inside and out, but I feel like I looked better, too. This hemp oil is stated to help with balancing skin tone, hydrating and strengthening the hair, and improving the quality of your nails – and I’m pleasantly impressed with the progress from this hemp oil.

Even better, it seemed to help stimulate brain activity better. I had increased focus, a sharpened attention for a longer period, and I found myself remembering things easier. I’ve never had the best memory, so this improvement is one of the things that’s stuck with me the most, and one of the biggest reasons I’ll likely keep using the Stargreen Hemp Oil.

The biggest benefit for me, overall, was the lack of side effects this CBD oil seems to present. At 10,000 milligrams of hemp extract, I was anticipating drowsiness if I took too big of a serving. Instead, I was greeted with the same friendly focus I’m usually greeted with thanks to this oil.


  • Each bottle contains a whopping 10 thousand milligrams of hemp extract, or 33.4 milligrams of hemp extract for every 0.2ml of oil, or about one-fifth of the dropper
  • Third-party tested for quality assurance
  • Gluten free and allergen free, formulated by professionals proudly in the USA
  • Potent hemp extract made only from all-natural ingredients
  • Strong dose of hemp extract promotes general wellness and helps with joint and hip support


  • Without any flavoring or other ingredients to mask the taste of natural hemp, it’s a powerful oil that takes some getting used to for the palate
  • Though it advertises as containing Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9, it contains those compounds in micrograms – the equivalent of .001mg per microgram (mcg), which makes the essential fatty acids in this hemp oil negligible at best
  • For those with sensitivities to cannabinoids and hemp oils, this 10,000mg formula may be too potent for your needs


Stargreen Hemp Oil Supplement Facts

Overall, my experience with Stargreen Hemp Oil was relatively positive. While I do wish they had a web platform for me to more easily look at their lab tests and find out more about them as a personality and brand, their 10 thousand milligram hemp extract really took the cake.

My final thoughts on Stargreen Hemp Oil is that I look forward to seeing more products and more news about the company. A quality product that seemingly helped my health through daily, consistent servings, the hemp extract formula would only improve with a better flavor.

Have you ever tried Stargreen Hemp Oil for yourself? Which hemp oil brand is your go-to for quality products? Let us know down below in the comments!