Terpenes In Hemp – Benefits, Uses And Which Ones Are In CBD

CBD Terpenes

Each day, a new person will change their mind about cannabis and more specifically, CBD.

What was once a taboo subject amongst the average family household, is now becoming accepted as a possible health supplement. And not just a health supplement, but research shows that more and more people are turning to cannabis and CBD products for illnesses and conditions unresponsive or difficult to treat.


But, as CBD becomes more mainstream, people are beginning to ask important questions. And, thanks to the recent surge in research, there are some answers.


One word that is popping up more and more is ‘terpene.’ Now, terpenes are not exclusive to cannabis- but they have been receiving a fair amount of publicity in the past few months.


So, what exactly are these terpenes, and why are they gaining significance with regards to cannabis and CBD?


What are Terpenes?

To be short, terpenes are a broad class of organic compounds that are found throughout the plant kingdom. They give a plant its unique smell and flavor. But beyond the smell and the way it tickles our taste buds- what else do the terpenes do?

Take a look at Dr. Ethan Russo’s in-depth discussion on terpenes and cannabis at the Cannabis Hemp Conference and Expo:


Terpenes: Beyond the Senses

Terpenes have begun to grab the attention of both researchers and cannabis cultivators. Why? Well, scientists have started to see that certain properties could offer us therapeutic benefits.


Terpenes: the Molecular Construction

Terpenes are a simple enough compound, their molecular construction consists of. Five-atom hydrocarbon (C5H8). If this sounds like a foreign language to you, then just understand that they are highly volatile organic compound. They contain isoprene and monoterpenes(which formulates out of the biosynthesis of two molecules).


Let’s Take a Look at the Terpene Structure 

The name ‘terpene’ was initially reserved for hydrocarbons. However, it can now be utilized to cover substituted derivatives as well. The isoprene unit we mentioned above (C5H8) is considered the foundation for most other terpenes. From this starting point, larger and more complex compounds are structured using different isoprene units, usually linked through “head-to-tail.”


Did you Know?

There are approximately 23,000 known terpenes. Of those 23,000, only a handful are found in cannabis- although these that are present pack a hefty punch.


There are two main types of terpenes; open-chain terpenes and ring terpenes. However, you may also find that terpenes are grouped by size (triterpenes, diterpenes, etc.) as well.

The Terpenes In CBD


‘Terpene’: What’s in a name?

Before we get into the different types of terpenes, let’s just cover a quick fun fact. Did you wonder where the name ‘terpene’ comes from? No? Well, not many do. 

However, many do find it interesting that the name ‘terpene’ comes from ‘turpentine’ which comes from the resins of conifer. And if you have ever done some house DIY that included wood varnishing or painting, then you will see just the word itself will inspire nostalgic memories of it’s sharp and almost acidic (yet strangely enjoyable) smell.


What do terpenes do in CBD?

Do terpenes contribute to the taste of CBD products? Yes.

Do terpenes contribute to the flavor? Yes.

Is this all that terpenes contribute to? Certainly not.

We already know that terpenes occur throughout the plant kingdom, and scientists estimate that there are approximately 20, 000 unique terpenes in different plants. And aside from a pleasant aroma or taste, some terpenes also offer plants a method of protection against pests, fungi, and bacteria.


The Benefits

Terpenes may have a wide variety of therapeutic properties and they also help the body with absorption. And, thanks to emerging science regarding the entourage effect, terpenes and cannabinoids have a synergistic reaction that increases the overall benefits.


Terpenes and the Entourage Effect

If you haven’t yet heard about the entourage effect, then you should check out our write up of it here. The entourage effect describes the synergistic relationship of the organic compounds present within the cannabis plant; and how they all work together to enhance each other’s properties and benefits.


Phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and other naturally occurring compounds work together to form this entourage effect. Now, isolated CBD products are not void of any properties, the entourage effect describes how the compounds enhance each other.

What Terpenes Are In CBD?

Guide To Terpenes

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Despite there being over 20, 000 different terpenes, cannabis is considered to have been dealt a heavy hand with terpenes. Cannabis has 200 different terpenes, and these terpenes are contributing to the positive talk surrounding hemp and cannabis in recent years.

However, CBD products and hemp first needed to shake off the no-good, stoner stereotype that we can thank the Hollywood scene for. Thankfully, science and researchers are beginning to have more sway in public opinion. An increasing number of studies is revealing the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Let’s take a look at the most common (and therefore the most researched) terpenes found in Hemp and CBD products:

What Terpenes Are In Hemp And Full Spectrum CBD?

–      D-Limonene

As you might expect, this terpene is found in lemons. You can also find this terpene in citrus, including grapefruit and oranges. So far, research is telling us that D-Limonene could have significant antibacterial properties. This terpene has caught the attention of researchers because the results of clinical studies has hinted that it could inhibit the development and growth of cancer cells.

–      Myrcene

This is another terpene commonly found in cannabis. You may recognize this terpene in bay leaves, parsley, and thyme. Most people have tasted at least one of these herbs, so then you would recognize the earthy taste and aroma. Scientists are researching how Myrcene can be beneficial in helping to treat people with insomnia, inflammation, and even muscle cramps.

–      Linalool

This is one of the most famous scents. It is most notably found in lavender and a variety of other plants and flora. Currently,  Linalool is being researched for its potential to reduce anxiety and inflammation.

–      Alpha-Pinene

The smell of a pine forest after the rain will tell you just how memorable this terpene is. You will be able to find this terpene in almost all types of cannabis as well as pine, rosemary, and other plants. Research is looking at how Alpha-Pinene can assist in breathing difficulties (because of its ability to open the bronchial tubes) as well as a treatment for intestinal issues.

–      Nerolidol

This terpene is responsible for many favorite scents. Aside from cannabis, it is found in jasmine, tea tree, lemongrass, and even ginger. So far, evidence of clinical studies are showing us that Nerolidol can assist with fungal and bacterial infections.

–      Humulene

Humulene is a lesser-known name. However, it is found in most people’s kitchen or even bar. Cloves, basil, and hops contain the highest levels of this terpene. Interestingly enough, before the general public began researching and becoming educated about the cannabis plant, most people thought that all cannabis was an appetite stimulant. Humulene, however, has the complete opposite effect and is an effective appetite suppressant.

These are just a few of the many terpenes found in the cannabis species.


What are the Best Full Spectrum CBD Brands With Terpenes?


The CBD market is filled with brands claiming to offer the best products. But how do you know which one really is the best?


The best CBD brands are not the cheapest, the best CBD brands are not the ones with the most attractive labels or even the one with the best flavors.


Well, the best CBD brand could have all of the above. But, the point is that those factors are not what makes a CBD brand ‘the best.’ So, what makes a good CBD brand? The answer is simple: Quality.


There are two brands that stick up above the rest, and those are CBD Pure and Nuleaf Naturals.


CBD Pure: One of the best full-spectrum CBD products on the market


What makes CBD Pure great?

One of the most important things about a company is their quality guarantee. This means not just what they say they offer, but what they can prove. CBD Pure offers lab test results on their products, and they even offer a 90-day guarantee.


Where is the Hemp Grown?

CBD Pure uses hemp grown from an organic standard Denmark facility. Hemp can absorb from its environment, whether it is toxic heavy metals or nutrients. Therefore, the ‘where’ and ‘how’ of hemp used is a top priority for those seeking quality brands. Organic hemp equates to hemp that is free of artificial ingredients and harmful pesticides.


According to their website, CBD Pure uses three pillars to uphold their brand; quality, purity, and potency. Their products are tested for the following via a third party facility:

–      Cannabinoid profiles (so you can see how much THC is really in your oil)

–      Pesticides

–      Microbiological testing

–      Terpene profiles

–      Residual solvents


You will be able to look up the results of each unique product using lot batch number. However, there is one negative thing we want to mention, and that is these results are not posted online as with many other companies. Instead, you have to reach out to the company to view these results.


The Details:

–      Three strength/potency options: 100mg ($24.99), 300mg ($54.99) and 600mg ($79.99)

–      Hemp is sourced from Denmark, but the product itself is considered ‘made in the USA.’

–      CO2 extraction

–      Full-spectrum

–      90-day guarantee

–      Does not ship internationally although does ship to every state with the exception of Kansas, Louisiana, Indiana, and Arkansas



One Of The Best Quality CBD Products On The Market

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 Nuleaf Naturals: One of the Best Full Spectrum CBD Products on the Market

What makes Nuleaf Naturals Great?

They stand out as being one of the purest oils on the market using homegrown hemp from Colorado.


Where is the Hemp Grown?

Nuleaf Naturals offers pure hemp oil for the purists in the cannabis market. If you are looking for a CBD oil that is pure and free of all the frills- then Nuleaf Naturals is for you. Their organic hemp comes from Colorado, USA.


The hemp is processed, and the oil is made using a combination of two methods; the subcritical and supercritical CO2 extraction techniques.


These methods are used because they produce some of the cleanest products, free of potent solvents and chemicals.


A fractional extraction is initially used, which means the hemp undergoes a lower temperature so that the more volatile and sensitive compounds can be extracted without being compromised. After that, the remaining compounds and oils are extracted using higher pressures and temperatures.


According to NuLeaf, this type of extraction technique gives their products an advantage; the more sensitive oils remain uncompromised, therefore providing a more potent end product and a truly full-spectrum CBD oil.


Some Details:

–      You have a broad range of options when shopping with NuLeaf:

240mg/50ml ($38.50)

725 mg/50 mg ($99)

1450mg/50mg ($179)

2425mg/50mg ($239)


–      Organic hemp with sustainable farming from Colorado, USA

–      Whole-plant, full spectrum

–      Sub-critical and supercritical extraction methods

–      Third-party tested

–      Ships internationally and offers free USPS Priority Mail shipping to all 50 states


The wealth of attention on CBD does not look like it will be fading out anytime soon. Instead, we will see the market expanding even more to include pioneer extraction methods and a whole host of different products. And with this, we will see the science behind CBD begin to gain credible traction too. This research will extend its reaches beyond just CBD and into all areas concerning the plant, including terpene science and the significance of full-spectrum products.


Until we know all there is to know about CBD, terpenes, and related cannabis products, it is critical that you use products that have proof to back up their claims. It is easy for companies to claim their products are the best, or that they have certain qualities that they don’t. There are some brands that have even been caught out as having different cannabinoid levels than advertised. So, choose a brand like NuLeaf Naturals or CBD Pure that has the evidence to back up their claims.


Keep curious and stay up to date with our latest articles as we bring you the most recent research in the cannabis industry and all you need to know before you buy.