What Are The Benefits Of Hemp Rolling Papers

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When it comes to rolling papers, there are many to choose from. There are all different shapes sizes and materials that go into making them. If you smoke, then health is always going to be a key issue and choosing a rolling that is chemical and bleach free can have a hugely positive effect on your life.

Having used all kinds of papers for a number of years, I have decided to settle on hemp papers now exclusively. Since I don’t smoke tobacco, It is ideal to have the correct papers so that it doesn’t burn away too quickly or taste horrible. Hemp rolling papers are not just the perfect shape thickness and texture, they are also the most health savings rolling papers you can use.

Let’s dive straight into the benefits of Hemp Rolling papers



Hemp Rolling Papers Perform Better

Hemp Papers are the perfect thickness, making them easy to roll with even for beginners. Once rolled they burn slow and steady unlike traditional rolling papers which often flare up and ruin your hemp roll up or cigarette. 😊



Traditional Rolling papers often burn harshly causing a bad taste and ruining the smoking experience. That is probably because they are filled with chemicals and dangerous residues.

Hemp papers have little taste allowing you to fully enjoy the flavour of the hemp flowers.


Let’s talk about chemicals

Hemp is a plant that grows without the need of pesticides and herbicides which have been proven to cause cancer. Hemp papers are natural and toxin free.

Traditional rolling papers are made from tree pulp and chemicals are often added to make them appear better for rolling. Chlorine and calcium carbonate are also used for bleaching papers.

We would urge caution about smoking any coloured papers as they will often contain potassium nitrate which can lead to serious health issues.



Helping The Environment

Trees Cut

Hemp rolling papers not only perform and taste better, hemp is far better to grow for the environment than trees. The hemp plant will grow in a number of months while trees use for rolling papers can take up to 40 years to grow.

As we already mentioned hemp requires no pesticides and herbicides which damage wildlife and the environment. Hemp also requires minimal water and resources to grow.

As the discussion on the environment continues to grow, more and more focus is going to be placed on replacing tree paper with hemp paper.

Hemp rolling papers is something everybody should switch to as soon as possible.


Hemp Rolling Papers vs Rice Rolling Papers

Rice papers are generally made from all-natural ingredients. That is to say, they are made wholly from dried and press rice making them a very thin paper with little taste. Since the papers are so fine it may be more difficult for beginners to roll with rice papers.

Hemp papers are slightly thicker and slower burning with very little after taste. Hemp is slightly thicker and more forgiving for beginner rollers.

Both hemp and rice papers and more natural, containing less chemicals than tree pulp papers which are often harsh and bleached.


Who are the main Players?


Raw Hemp Papers

Raw Rolling Papers

Raw have been a pioneering company when it comes to more natural rolling papers. Raw are really leading the way when it comes to chalk and dye free rolling papers that burn slowly and are clean.

Raw are based in Spain near where the first ever rolling papers were made. Raw papers are thing with a lightish brown color which is natural and Raw have grown to produce all kinds of smoking accessories and products.


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Zig Zag Hemp Rolling Papers

Zig Zag Hemp Papers

Zig Zag is the first name that many will think of when it comes to rolling papers, made famous by hip hop stars in the 90’s. Now Zig Zags have turned their hand towards organic hemp papers and they have been very well received by the vast majority of buyers on Amazon.


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Hemp Rolling Papers FAQ


Do Hemp Rolling Papers Get You Higher?

Hemp Pre Rolls

This is an urban that is not true. Hemp rolling past are made using the long fibres of the hemp plants stalk. THC, the cannabinoid responsible for getting you high is only found in the flowers or leaves of the plant.

Hemp papers are made with hemp while THC that gets you high comes from the marijuana plant.



Do Hemp Rolling Papers Contain CBD

Much in the same way that hemp rolling papers don’t get you higher, CBD is only contained within the leaves and flowers of the hemp plants, while the papers are coming from the baste fibres of the stalk.


Do Hemp Rolling Papers Burn Slower?

Hemp Rolling papers burn slowly, evenly and with a great taste. That is one of the major benefits of rolling with hemp as well as the fact that it doesn’t contain any chemicals and it is easy to roll with all make it a great choice of paper.


Will Hemp Rolling Papers Make You Fail A Drug Test

Since Hemp rolling papers don’t contain any THC, they will not make you fail a drug test. Only what is in the papers could make you fail.

If you are smoking CBD flowers, make sure they are lab tested so you are not ingesting too much THC which may make you fail a drug test.


Are Hemp Wraps Better Than Blunt Wraps

You would have to say yes, that hemp wraps are better than traditional blunt wraps which contain tobacco and nicotine. Nicotine is incredibly addictive and these wraps can contain may chemicals.

Good hemp wraps should be chemical feel while still allowing the user, maximum satisfaction from their smoking.

Hemp wraps are easy to roll with and burn evenly throughout, making them an ideal alternative to tobacco.


Are Hemp Rolling Papers & Wraps Healthier

High Hemp Wraps

Hemp rolling papers are devoid of a huge amount of chemicals and toxins as well as being tobacco free, which is a major carcinogen.

With these factors in mind, you would have to say that smoking with hemp papers is healthier.


Hemp Paper In History

Did you know that hemp was the first crop grown agriculturally by humans over 10,000 years ago and that hemp paper was first produced in ancient china over 2,000 years ago.

The ancient Chinese made hemp paper by combining hemp with mulberry and they kept their hemp paper methods top secret until it was stolen by the Arabs in 100 AD.


Hemp Paper In Early America

Hemp In Kentucky

Hemp was grown extensively in early America and was even grown by the founding fathers. Hemp was vital for clothing, food and a number of other reasons.

Thomas Jefferson owned the first patent in the United States Of America and it was for an improved Hemp Threshing machine.

Benjamin famously owned a paper mill which produced hemp paper.

The US Constitution was drafted on Dutch hemp paper, while the official constitution was not.

Hemp was so important to early America, that farmers could pay their taxes in hemp and this practice continued until the early 1900’s.


Hemp Prohibition

Hemp Marijuana Proaganda

Hemp was becoming a problem for tree plantations, synthetic fibres and fossil fuels and the corporate greed aligned with bringing these to the market.

This resulted in a huge smear campaign against marijuana and hemp was caught intentionally in the cross hairs.

If hemp prohibition had not come into effect, we may very well be using hemp paper in a much larger range of uses.



The Future OF Hemp Rolling Papers

As the worlds discussions are increasingly turning towards the environment, I can’t understand why hemp is not the first viable solution that the world’s governments can implement with a little amount of effort.

If the conversation is about reducing carbon, I have to conclude that the people in charge are not serious about solving the problem if they are not talking about sustainable solutions like Hemp.

The solution of Carbon Tax is hugely ineffective as the highest emitter of carbon by far is airplanes. A couple of airplane trips will cover the entire carbon emissions of all the cars in the USA for a year.

Why is there not a hefty carbon tax on airfare or flying private jets? Carbon tax on older cars seems to be a ruse devised to tax the poor and working class who are driving older cars, while ignoring the mega rich who are attending climate change events in their private jets!

With all this in mind, Hemp is already rapidly growing in the private sector and as the public become more environmentally aware, hemp’s usage is set to surge in the near future as restrictions have been lifted and the industry is getting back to where it should always have been.

Hemp rolling papers are no different, they are growing in popularity rapidly and their use is becoming more widespread by the day.

If you have been sitting on the fence about switching to hemp rolling papers, now is the time to give them a try. Hemp rolling papers and wraps perform better, taste better and are easy to roll with, so it may be time to give it a go!



If you are looking for the healthiest rolling papers that roll, burn and taste great, it is time to make the switch to hemp rolling papers.

If you are worried about the environment, then it is certainly time for you to switch to hemp rolling papers.

If you don’t want to ingest chemicals, tobacco and bleach then you should switch to hemp rolling papers.