Viridian Peaks Hemp Oil Review

Viridian Peaks Hemp Oil

Are you in search of a hemp oil that takes things to a whole new level? In this review today of Viridian Peaks’ Therapeutic Grade Hemp Oil, I believe I’ve found the CBD and cannabinoid-rich oil you’re looking for.

From wanting general wellness to relieving a specific symptom like chronic pain, anxiety, or trouble sleeping, there’s a reason for just about anyone to start incorporating a potent hemp oil into their daily routine.

While the CBD industry continues to grow with popularity at a massive rate, we look at the hemp companies that are trying to set themselves apart – something that Viridian Peaks is constantly striving to do.

Packed with a whopping 25,000 milligrams of hemp extract, get ready for powerful, healthy hemp. Let’s dive into my full review on Viridian Peaks to show what’s unique about the brand, my entire experience with the product, and the pros and cons I found when purchasing from the company

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What’s Unique About Viridian Peaks Hemp Oil?

Made in the USA, every batch of products through Viridian Peaks is tested through an independent, third-party lab. A 100% all-natural formula, the 25,000mg full spectrum bottle they carry of premium hemp seed oil is effective when taken daily. Grown in the sunny fields of Colorado, their industrial hemp contains zero synthetic hormones, pesticides, or herbicides. Always aiming to stay THC-free, they work to provide a high-quality hemp oil to everyone.

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Viridian Peaks’ Hemp Oil Review

Arriving in a blue glass bottle that shows off the signature Viridian Peaks logo, I was eager to get my first serving in. The strength of the 2oz bottle was a whopping 25,000mg of hemp extract, which means a potent 104mg every 5 drops or so. There are 240 total servings in the bottle, which gave me more than enough to try out a solid month with this oil and then some.

During my experience, I could feel improvement after the first few servings. I got into a routine of taking the oil no more than 4 times per day, spread out over the course of a few hours between each serving.

Within the first week when I was still getting the routine down, though, I was already feeling less inflammation throughout the normal target areas in my body. My muscle soreness from workouts and stiffness from sleeping wrong started to dissipate, which only amplified the more consecutive days I was taking Viridian Peaks.

Throughout this past month, I felt a lot of appetite and my usual morning nausea, which has actually improved my efforts for weight loss. I feel like I’m constantly being put in a better mood, and I don’t sweat the little things as much as I used to a month ago.

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Overall, I believe this hemp oil is a powerful formula for daily, consistent use. While I didn’t feel any results immediately, and it took a few servings before I could feel improvement, I’m under the impression that that’s how it’s supposed to work. Administered as part of your diet, it offers optimal effect the longer you’re taking it daily.

My favorite part about this hemp oil is the first serving I take of it in the morning. I experience heightened clarity and focus, and it’s made me more productive in places I need it. Even after this review, I can see myself continuing this daily regimen of Viridian Peaks.


  • Completely THC-free hemp oil was CO2 extracted to preserve all the cannabinoids and other compounds beneficial to daily wellness and health
  • Free of allergens, pesticides, herbicides, gluten, parabens, GMO, and any other contaminants or pollutants
  • 25,000mg 2oz bottle is packed to the brim with hemp oil and other valuable vitamins and nutrients for a powerful oil to add to your daily routine
  • 100% natural hemp extract grown and made in the USA
  • Hemp oil is cold-pressed and unrefined hemp seed oil for a superfood that keeps on giving


  • Though it says it’s rich in Omega-3, 6, and 9, it contains only micrograms of those essential fatty acids
  • Delivery is only available for the USA
  • Lab results for their third-party testing is not readily available on their web platform


In conclusion, I am more than willing to keep using Viridian Peaks Hemp Oil and see how much longer I experience the stacking benefits. While I only got to try it for about a month just to see what the results were building up to for the purpose of this review, I’m eager to keep up the daily routine simply for myself now. Though it is lacking in any substantial amount of essential fatty acids like Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9, it makes up for that in hemp extract potency.

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