Zen Renu Hemp Cream for Pain Review

Zen Renu Hemp Cream

The worst part about my osteoarthritis was that it was making it hard for me to sleep at night. There would be this nagging pain near the base of my spine and no matter which way I lay, I could still feel it and it would keep me up.

My son was the one who got me my first jar of Zen Renu Hemp Cream and I liked it straight out of the gate. After applying it the first time to my lower back I felt a soothing relief and was able to fall asleep faster than normal.

It is a topical hemp-based cream that can be used for pain management stemming from arthritis and joint inflammation. It can be used pretty much anywhere on the body; I use it on my back but my wife has since started using it for the swelling in her ankles and wrists and it works for her too.

The company that makes it is called Zen Renu and they have made it so that it is an all-natural topical pain management cream devoid of parabens and glycols plus, it is manufactured in the US.

Non-Psychoactive Formula

If you are worried about getting high by rubbing this stuff on your body, you don’t have to be. Zen Renu Hemp Cream is made from hemp seed oil which is the non-psychoactive part of the marijuana plant. No matter how much you apply to your skin you will not feel any intoxicating effects.

Another one of the key ingredients in the Zen Renu Hemp Cream formula is turmeric which is contains curcumenoids that have shown much promise in clinical trials for easing the inflammation of joints. It is often packaged as a supplement for arthritis management and to relieve joint swelling.

Because of the wide range of effects offered by this product, it has been ideal for both my wife and I and I would imagine that it would also be ideal for anyone who is suffering from knee, shoulder, back, wrist, or any other kind of joint pain. It has also been pretty good at eliminating pain from achy muscles.

While I haven’t noticed any of the effects on my skin since I mainly just apply it to the small of my back, my wife tells me that it makes her skin softer and smoother. She puts it on her wrists and hands too since she noticed the skin effects.

The skin benefits make sense when you see that there is both aloe and Vitamin E in Zen Renu Hemp Cream which provide skin healing support and antioxidant free radical defense.

Near Instant Relief

Another one of the features of this cream that keeps me coming back is that it works consistently and almost instantly. It absorbs fast into the skin which is good for 2 reasons: 1. I don’t have to wait forever for it to dry and 2. It rids me of pain very quickly.

Believe me I have tried the creams that get really cold and then really hot on your skin before and Zen Renu Hemp Cream beats them all out in terms of consistency.

I figured I would have developed an immunity to it over time but that hasn’t been the case. It works just as well now after 5 months of use as it did the first time I used it.


  • Can be used for fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel too
  • Utilizes a natural, organic formula
  • You can use it as liberally or as sparingly as you need
  • Not tested on animals
  • Does not impart an unpleasant odor
  • Zen Renu Hemp Cream contains MSM which can reduce muscle damage from exercise


  • It may burn if it gets into your eyes
  • May also cause headaches
  • Can be a bit difficult to apply to tough places like the small of your back
  • If you live in a hot climate area be sure to keep the jar cool as the contents can melt

Wrapping it All Up

After using Zen Renu Hemp Cream for almost half a year I would say that the most important features for me is that it works quickly, it works consistently and that it is a safe hemp-based topical cream. It works for what my wife and I need it for so it definitely gets my stamp of approval.

I also like the fact that natural remedies are catching up with the pharmaceutical companies as far as effectiveness goes and I don’t have to wonder or feel bad about what I am applying to my skin with Zen Renu Hemp Cream.

Don’t be afraid of this hemp product. It won’t give you a flashback to the 70’s and it will help you effectively manage various bodily pains so give it a go.